Never Have Tangled Headphones Again With This New Tech

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You can stop wearing your Beats By Dre now - there's a new headphone company that is totally reinventing your on-the-go listening experience.

Alpha Audiotronics, Inc. is launching Skybuds with the help of Kickstarter, and it claims the iPhone 6 and 6S case and earbuds set are the only "true wireless sound" headphone system.
SkybudsAmong Skybuds' creators is co-founder and COO Stephanie Lee, who, in the Kickstarter video, says that four key points were instrumental in designing these unique ear buds: "fit, signal strength, sound quality and battery life." A cool AF tech product that's #BUILTBYGIRLS? We're already on board, but there are even more awesome aspects to these genius little buds.

Not only are Skybuds wireless, but the buds pop in and out of the case so they are always with you. There's also no need to separately charge the buds or the case - you just plug in your phone as you normally would, and the earbuds and phone all charge simultaneously. The last major win: The case is outfitted with extra battery life to keep your phone running longer.

Skybuds is already fully funded on its Kickstarter campaign, but you have until November 18 to pledge $224 to be an early bird backer (the normal retail price is $299) and receive your own Skybuds in May. You can get them in silver, gold or black, to match your iPhone, natch.
SkybudsNow we wonder...will we see these things in the next Ariana Grande video?


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