Where My Ladies at? Possibly on Twitter's New Board

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Twitter has been thrown a lot of shade for having an exec board that's full of, well, a non-diverse range of characters...mostly white male characters.


But thankfully, that all might be changing soon. According to Re/code, rumors are flying that three execs could be throwing up the deuces. In their places, CEO Jack Dorsey is reportedly looking for female and racially diverse talent, but the new faces probably won't be in the room until at least 2016.

Twitter recently came fire after a former manager-level engineer Leslie Miley, the only black engineer to hold a leadership position at the social media platform, voiced his opinions about his disagreement with how diversity and inclusion are handled at Twitter, reports Techcrunch. Leslie wrote on Medium:

In 2014, 27 percent of African-American, 25 percent of Hispanic Americans and 21 percent of women use Twitter, according to Pew. Only 3 percent of Engineering and Product at Twitter are African-American/Hispanic and less than 15 percent are women.

And on top of that, there was that whole frat-themed party fiasco over the summer, planned while a former female engineer was simultaneously suing the company for male-biased promotion practices. SMH.

It blows our minds that one of the most widely used social media platforms is run by a cross-section of the population that isn't representative of its users. Hopefully CEO Jack recognizes the importance of building a company that's both racially diverse and #BUILTBYGIRLS and puts that plan into action!


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