Facebook Makes It Easy AF To Live Chat With Your Fav Celebs

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Facebook's done it again with another product release to connect you even more with your favorite celebrities with a new enhancement for their live-streaming service, Facebook Live. We first reported about Facebook Live back in August, talking about the benefits of being able to live chat with your fav celebs (with high-quality streaming, might we add.)

A few weeks ago, we expressed our wish for Facebook Live to add a notification feature so we can opt-in and be immediately notified when our fav celebs starts live-streaming - and our wish has come true.

Facebook announced today that users can now subscribe and be notified when their fav celeb is using Facebook Live. Here's how to do it: Just click subscribe on the right-hand corner of Live videos:

(P.S., Felicia Day is a #Goddess) Hopefully soon we'll be able to proactively go to a celebrity's page and opt-in directly from their profile, versus waiting for a live-stream to occur. But hey, we predicted the subscription feature, so maybe they'll listen to us again for the next release.

Some celebs have already built quite the following using Facebook Live, like Stephen Amell (star of Arrow) and Ian Somerhalder (star of The Vampire Diaries.) Ian has 1.7 million views on his last live stream, where he encourages Louisiana residents to vote in their local elections, as well as promote his popular charity, the ISF Foundation. Amell uses Live to promote his F*ck Cancer campaign and share fun facts about himself and cast members while on the set of Arrow.

Hotties/philanthropists from The CW Network aren't the only public figures leveraging Facebook Live. Vin Diesel (Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy and star of The Fast and the Furious franchise) recently used Live to connect with fans and showcase several upcoming film scripts, reaching over 1 million live viewers.

President Obama also just launched a Facebook page, "POTUS." (Side note: We love how it says, "Public Figure," in President Obama's description – Facebook couldn't come up with a "Leader of the free world" option in it's drop down?)

To us, this is all good stuff. As a millennial, I struggle keeping up with important issues aside of which Jenner got a new tattoo, like who I should be voting for to run the free world. If public figures in the political realm are making an effort to make it easier for us to stay involved and informed, we're all for it.

Tweet me which celebs you're going to subscribe to @lizprugh.


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