Did Any One Direction Guys Want to Leave After Zayn Malik Quit?

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The One Direction guys have already talked a literal boatload about what it was like when Zayn Malik quit the group. Still, that line of questioning isn't going to go away any time soon, as they sat down with USA Today recently and were asked all about Zayn's departure again.

Niall Horan explained, "It was obviously a shock," with Louis Tomlinson adding that there were "no disagreements...we had a few conversations, and then he made his decision. It was kind of a decision made there and then."

Louis added that he believes Zayn was "thinking about it for a while, but in reality, he wasn't happy, and that's fine."

The guys also talked about coming out stronger despite the "very traumatic time" and how they really came together and have "grown closer" as a four-piece.

As for whether or not the guys thought about leaving after Zayn quit, Louis was super honest about it, answering: "No, not really. In reality, there's dark days for everyone, where everyone kind of contemplates everything. There's a lot of times where you'll feel a little down, and you're not seeing your friends and family for so long. Then you go on stage at night, and that's what motivates you."

We love that they've carried on and it's obvious that the fans have played such a huge role in their lives.
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