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12 Reasons Why I Cannot Put my Big Girl Pants on Today

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When I was a kid, I pictured what I'd be like as an adult. In my vision, I was 5-foot-7, wore the best outfits and went to my fabulous job. As a kid, you think of college as the time where you know everything. You are beautiful and have tons of friends. You can go wherever you want with no rules, you can eat whatever you want, and because you're working, you have tons of money to shop (all. the. time.).

The reality of adulting is a rude awakening for the '90s kids. And coming from a '90s kid standing at a measly 5-foot-2 in my at-home clothes with less than $10 in my wallet, disappointment would be an understatement. I ponder what exactly I was thinking as a kid wanting to be an adult so badly, now that I know the truth. If you've ever felt cheated like me, I'm sure these 12 reasons will resonate.

I cannot adult today because...

1. Laundry Is Hard.
Self-service laundryThe laundry piles up, and once you wash it, it's just going to get dirty again. Because let's face it; there are far too many pairs of black leggings and far too little time. Plus, nobody will even notice - you hope.

2. My Shows Miss Me.hilversum  netherlands  ...How is it even possible to adult when literally every episode of your favorite show exists in one place you can access at all time?!? That 12-page paper will just have to wait until you finish season 7...

3. Naps Are Crucial to Survival.you just keep on ringing and i...Waking up in the morning is hard, and getting through the day without a nap is even harder. How can you be expected to function and adult when your bed doesn't know when you're coming back?!

4. I'm Eating.Title:  Pizza Delivery BoyCreative image #:  AA023451License type:  Royalty-freePhotographer:  Adam CrowleyCollection:  PAdulting is hard on an empty stomach, especially when pizza exists and the gym is just so far away.

5. Making Your Own Appointment Is Impossible.A smartphone lies broken between the shoes of its owner just after being dropped.The days when mom called and told you you had a dentist appointment are over. From this point forward, it is you alone who has to brave the awkward task of talking to strangers and choosing a time and date that works with your schedule.*shudders* And odds are it won't go too well.

6. Budgeting Is a Dirty Word.surprised redhead girl in red...It's pay day, and life is good! You're reminded why you drudge at work every day and start to hate it a bit less. The week rolls on, and suddenly you realize that not only can you not buy coffee, your card is over-drafted and you're poor again. Looks like its back to work for you (vicious cycle continues).

7. Social Media Is Addictive.kiev  ukraine   may 30  2014 ...Procrastination is inevitable when you have five social media accounts to refresh every 10 minutes. Being productive while watching dogs tuck themselves into bed is really difficult. Don't believe me? What should you be doing instead of reading this article? Hmm.

8. Everyone Is Mean to Me.
young beautiful cute red angry...You've finally gotten out of bed to adult and go to the DMV. But while you're doing your best to adult, literally EVERYONE is mean to you. You're told as a kid that adults are mature. (You were lied to.) But still, you do your best to keep it together, and you retreat back to your bed, defeated.

9. My Job Is Horrible.a business woman with smart...Jobs before graduating are usually always horrible. Whether it's retail, food service, babysitting or an office job, being somewhere for hours on end for the sole reason of earning (not enough) money can really put a damper on your day.

10. Stress Is Real, and I'm Buried in It.Young woman sits working at booksIf work isn't getting you down, school probably is. Nothing says responsibilities like a good old-fashioned due date. Odds are that there are a lot of them, and the assignments sadly won't do themselves. *sigh*

11. My Dog Needs Me.Woman petting dog on bedNothing is more distracting and anxiety-reducing than some puppy love. Whether it's yours, or someone else's, it's really easy to drop everything when a furry friend is around to greet you.

12. I Don't Have to.
girl sitting in wheelbarrowBeing a young person is hard. We're told every day to "grow up," to " be responsible" and to " do the right thing." But we're also still trying to figure out how to do these things. We don't always have the answers, and that is completely okay. Adulting is hard, but it will come with time. In the mean time, take full advantage of this time and enjoy these years, because we're also told that these are "the best years of our lives."
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