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6 Struggles of the Non-partying College Student

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When most students are asked how they like college, their eyes light up and they passionately praise their school. They love the freedom, the layout of their classes, and most importantly, they love the parties.

Then there's me, who thinks college is okay, and comes home every other weekend. Now it may seem like I'm a loner, but I swear I'm somewhat normal. Drinking and going to random basements with "Trap Queen" blasting and people spilling beer on me just isn't my thing. But being in college, there's nothing else to do on the weekends, so I guess I have to either adapt to this partying lifestyle or sit in my suite alone and watch Pocahontas on Netflix (not like I have prior experience with doing that or anything).

Us non-partiers may be a small population, but I'm sure there's some of you out there who can relate to these struggles we have to overcome, which I have listed below.
beautiful brunette girl having...1.You try so hard to like parties and give them so many chances, but every time, you end up hating them and wanting to leave.

Your friends insist that this time it will be different and that you'll have fun, so you're convinced that maybe you will enjoy yourself. But then you get to the party and wish you stayed in the dorm where you could be doing something beneficial, like playing Taylor Swift songs on your guitar or watching That '70s Show curled up comfortably in bed. Every time it's the same thing, so you don't know why you continue to try to become a "party person." You can't be someone you're not; it just doesn't work that way. If you like being alone and antisocial, then be alone and antisocial. You do you.

2. You offer to be the designated driver just so you can make an early getaway.
designated driver drinking...You don't like drinking, and you don't feel like paying $4 for a cab ride to a party (that's expensive for a college student!), so you're the DD for the night. This is so strategic because you can leave the party whenever you want and don't have to rely on your drunk friends or a creepy cab driver to take you back.

3. As the designated driver, you feel like you're the mother of all your friends in your car.

You're literally the mother of your friends as the DD, especially since you drive a Honda Pilot, which is basically a soccer mom car. Everyone is laughing, talking nonsense and having fun, and you don't want any of it. You just want to get to the party and back without anyone throwing up in your car or dangling from the roof.

4. You force yourself to endure the party for a specific amount of time and give yourself pep talks to motivate you to stay.
You got to the party at 11 p.m.; you just have to stay until 1 a.m., then you can leave. That's only two hours, two 60-minute intervals; you can do it. You got this. Staying for at least two hours is a decent amount of time; it's not too short where you seem eager to leave (which you are), and it's not too long where you'd be gouging your eyes out (but you still are).

5. You always find yourself awkwardly on the outside of the group that you're dancing with.

This seems to happen to you at every party and constantly reminds you that you don't belong. Whether it's done consciously or not, you gradually get cut off from the circle that you're dancing in, until you're completely on the outside, and there's no way to get back in. It's mad awkward, and you try to wiggle your way back in or throw in a fist bump but you're out. You have been blocked. A for effort.

6. Your parents are so concerned about you that they actually encourage you to go out.
Your parents tell you that you should be different and enjoy yourself in college and go out. Even your grandma questions why you still don't have a boyfriend. Your parents get really excited when you mention that you went to a party because they think you're a complete loser. This is when you know your life is sad.
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