This Girl Was Kicked Off Her Cheerleading Squad for the Craziest Reason Ever

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Do you get or have you gotten your cheerleading on before? Well if so, prepare to be pissed the eff off whenever you hear why a little girl in Texas was kicked off her squad.

ABC 13 is reporting that a Tomball, Texas mom is claiming her 11-year-old daughter was kicked off a cheerleading team because of her curly hair. Yes, you read that right. ​

Jenny Fallaw​ says her daughter, Makayla, was ordered to straighten her hair if she wanted to remain on the Woodlands Elite Cheer team. This isn't a league rule; it's one the team leaders chose for their cheerleaders. However, Jenny says this decision totally shocked her and her daughter.

"Just a few weeks ago is the first time I had heard about a special hairstyle," Jenny told ABC 13. "I felt like I might make my daughter feel like her hair is not good enough because she's not like other girls."​

Jenny met with ​Woodlands Elite Cheer​ team leaders to explain the damage it could potentially do to her daughter's hair and self-esteem. The leaders responded by saying that Makayla's curly locks were fine for practice, but not for competition. They also didn't like Jenny's attitude about the whole situation and her unwillingness to compromise.

"It wasn't about hair. It was about we don't want this negativity on our team," said team director Kevin Tonner.

Whatever. We think Makayla's hair is gorgeous, and think a uniformed team is creepy AF. Maybe they need to reevaluate things over there...
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