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Top 12 Tools for Writing College Admission and Scholarship Essays

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During your high school years, you were convinced that all you had to do was study hard, do well on the standardized tests and choose the perfect college for your needs. Now that you are dealing with college admissions, you realized that the process is more challenging than you ever imagined.

The thing that bothers college applicants the most is writing. You have to complete extraordinary admission and scholarship essays if you want to be admitted to the college of your choice and get the needed finances to cover all expenses. Don't worry; there are tools that will help you deal with these essays without too much stress!

The Essay Writing Kit – Printable Tools and Tips for Essay Writing

This comprehensive kit provides everything you need when trying to improve your writing skills. The tools and tips will help you plan and organize the process and learn how to obtain background information quickly and easily.


This is the ultimate tool to use when you cannot complete scholarship and admission essays. The writers hired by this essay writing service will help you complete papers based on your own interests and experiences. If you have already written the content, you can rely on editing assistance at the essay writing service NinjaEssays.

Harvard College Writing Center

At this website, you'll find the ultimate collection of tips and guides on academic writing. You will find valuable strategies and writing guides in the Writing Resources section.

College Blog by Kris Hintz – My Ten Favorite College Essay Prompts

If you have no idea where to start, these creative prompts will provide a creativity spark. The author of this blog is a college consultant, so you can rest assured that he will guide you in the right direction.


This personalized online course will teach you how to write an engaging college application essay through storytelling techniques. The four steps of writing a powerful essay are: Find a moment, tell it out loud, map it and focus out. Story2 will teach you how to go through these phases successfully.

What is a Personal Essay?

Before you can write the perfect scholarship essay, you need to understand what personal papers are all about. This page offers detailed information that can serve as your starting point when applying for scholarships.

Personal Statement – University of California

The general rules of writing personal statements are the same, but the standards differ between schools. This guide provided by the University of California offers effective tips that will inspire you to write a unique statement.

In Their Own Words: Admission Essays That Worked

At this website, you will see examples of successful essays that attracted the attention of the application committee at The University of Chicago. Remember, you can never copy someone else's writing, but you can surely get inspired by these great ideas.

The Personal Essay

This guide provided by Capital Community College covers the grammar and style aspects of writing personal essays. It also informs you about all points you should cover in the paper.

SALT Blog – How to Write an Amazing Personal Statement

Writing about yourself is never easy when you need to convince someone that you deserve a scholarship. This guide will help you write a versatile personal statement that you can reuse for several applications with minor adjustments.


This is an online community for writers, who can get constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement of their work. You don't have to be a professional writer to sign up for membership; feel free to become part of Writing.com and ask for advice on your admission and scholarship essays.

The Learning Network – Getting Personal: Writing College Essays for the Common Application

This is a concise and informative guide that won't confuse you with abstract tips. The lesson plan will help you "warm up" before you tackle the writing challenge. You will get effective prompts, tips and resources that will help you write a great essay.
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