Cancer Survivors Describe What Having Cancer Is Really Like

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If you've watched someone battle cancer, or you've even been through it yourself, you know that there isn't a single article or "symptoms" list that can possibly convey the absolute hell that cancer is.

Fortunately, there are more support groups and communities (on and offline) where people are able to talk to each other about their feelings and experiences, but no matter how much love and support and information you have, it's scary, it's confusing and it's absolutely excruciating both physically and mentally.

In this powerful video, BuzzFeed had cancer survivors tell their stories and it's as eye-opening as it is heartbreaking. They describe everything from how they felt when they got the news to their chemotherapy treatments and everything in between.

They also discuss how people's reactions varied. Some offered unwavering support, some completely disappeared and others came to the hospital to visit so they could get likes on the selfie with their cancer friend (yes, one guy actually experienced that).

Another very important piece of information they shared, that is extremely important for all of us to hear, is how people with cancer want to be treated. What's OK to say, what isn't? Should people visit or do you want to be left alone? (Hint: Just ask!) Those kinds of things that can really make or break a person's spirit.

One of the participants in the video told MTV News that THE most important thing people can do is listen.

"The most important thing to do is listen. Everyone is so different, which makes their cancer experience unique to them, so there's never a right thing to do," he told them. "Just like, listen and be there (unless your friend going through chemo doesn't want you there, then give them some space). It's natural to want to help, but the key to helping is listening, otherwise you're just doing things to make yourself feel better."
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