This New App Will Make Your Nail Artist as Reachable as Your BFF

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So, imagine that you're at brunch with your squad when you notice that you've broken a nail. When TF did that happen? What's a girl to do? You can't just peace to call your salon and set up an appointment. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could just send a text with your availability and they would respond back with a time slot for you to come in?

OK, these may be #FirstWorldProblems, but that's the genius idea behind GetClose. This new app, which launched on October 20, allows you to chat with businesses as if they were your BFFs. You are supposed to get immediate responses within 1 to 2 minutes - so it's def faster than sitting on the phone after the receptionist puts you on hold.
GetCloseBrian Szady, the app's CEO and co-founder, thought it was weird that we use messaging to communicate with literally everyone except businesses. As Brian stated in a press release: "The phone call is DEAD."

"First, calling a business simply isn't efficient," Brian told Cambio. "When calling a business, we waste time on hold, leaving voicemails, or connecting with people who can't resolve our question or concern. Who wants to talk to strangers on the phone?"

In addition to setting up mani appointments, here's a few other scenarios in which GetClose could come in handy:
  • Ask H&M if they have your denim size in stock.
  • Let a restaurant know you're running 15 minutes late for a reservation.
  • Ask the bar down the street if they have a happy hour special.
Want to see how it works? Check out this video:

So if someone wanted to message their hair stylist for relationship advice, is that cool too? Asking for a friend.


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