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Why I Will Not Read the New 'Twilight' Book

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I personally will not be purchasing the new Twilight book. That being said, that does not mean that I will not read it in the future. I might, I might not.
Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined is going to be the same story just retold in a gender-bent, fan fiction way. Can the original author of a series even write fan fiction about her own story, or is it still cannon? The new book will still be about the importance of having a relationship with a vampire. The 100-year age difference just creeps me out. That being said, Stephenie Meyer is still a fantastic, or shall I say fangtastic, author. I would much rather see her use her talents to tell a different tale.

Stephenie has written so many characters with interesting backstories, but she continues focus on Edward and Bella, now known as Beau and Edythe. I would rather read, and I want to read, a story that goes into more detail about Jasper. I need a full book on the vampire wars. Those are more intriguing than another love story! Stephenie, I beg you, please write this story next!

What about a story about Bella and Edward's child, Renesmee? Give us more about her life as the child of vampires, or a full story about Nahuel, the other half human/half vampire hybrid mentioned in the book series. A full story about Jacob after the last book in the series would be nice. But let's make his relationship with Renesmee platonic instead of romantic this time around, mmk?
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