The Nail Art Robot of Our Dreams Is Now Real

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Wouldn't life be so much easier if your smartphone did double duty as a nail salon? That wish is about to become reality through the Nailbot.

Preemadonna, a #BUILTBYGIRLS company of makers that brings useful technology to women, just launched its Indiegogo campaign for the Nailbot, which is exactly what it sounds like: A robot that can print nail art. Who needs artificial intelligence? THIS is a robot we'd use every day.

The Nailbot uses your smartphone's vision capabilities and processing power to print photos from your camera roll, the Preemadonna image gallery and a collection of licensed art directly onto the nail. It uses inkjet technology (eventually, it will use real nail polish) to print the design of your choice - all you have to do is prime with white nail polish. A mobile app on which you can create your own art (fun!) is also in the works.
PreemadonnaTo be one of the first people to own the Nailbot, you can pledge $149 (the normal retail price is $199) to be a Pioneer Preemadonna and receive your Nailbot in October of next year, or $159 to be a Trailblazer Preemadonna and receive your Nailbot in November of next year. There are a limited number of slots for each of these perks, so don't wait if you want one ASAP!

Led by co-founder and CEO Pree Walia and co-founder and Head of Product Casey Schulz, Preemadonna is not only changing up the nail art game, but it's also introducing a Preemadonna Ambassador program to recruit "girls that want to be involved in a girl power movement from the ground up," according to the Preemadonna website. There are three levels of ambassador: Hackers, who build and make apps, gadgets and websites, Social Bees, who spread the word via Snapchat and Instagram, and Artists, who design nail art.

Preemadonna first unveiled the Nailbot during September's TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2015 Startup Battlefield, where it was selected at a finalist, and also was awarded first runner-up at the Silicon Valley Robotics' 2015 Robot Launch.
PreemadonnaAre you loving this concept as much as we are? Cambio had the chance to chat with Pree and learn more about her #BUILTBYGIRLS mission - and she gave us some solid advice on becoming a businesswoman.

CAMBIO: How do you hope to inspire young girls to explore the tech industry through Nailbot?
PREE WALIA: The Nailbot is a fun device - it decorates your nails by using your smartphone! If girls and boys are intrigued by what we built, we also like to show them how we went from an idea to building a complex product and an entire company around it. Products are not built overnight - they take time, refinement, team building, capital and customer feedback. We love showing the next generation all that it takes to make something amazing happen. We are also giving girls the opportunity to build one of our first touchscreen printers with the Preemadonna Maker Kit, available for purchase on our Indiegogo campaign. Girls can also join the Preemadonna Ambassador Program, where they are taught how to create art using various computer programs (which can eventually be uploaded to the Preemadonna app and printed with the Nailbot!).

What advice would you give to a girl who has an awesome idea but doesn't know where to start?
That was me three years ago! A great place to start is to get yourself some experience by working at other startups and surrounding yourself with a group of diverse people. I had many different career paths prior to starting Preemadonna - I worked in politics, with hardware startups, went to business school and then became an inventor of the Nailbot. You learn a lot from other's successes and failures - but in order to ask other people (customers, investors and team members) to believe in your idea, I think it's helpful to have believed in another venture with just as much passion and effort, before starting your own.

My second piece of advice would be to find a partner or a team that you can trust and rely on to help you see your idea out. I couldn't do this on my own. I have had incredible support - from mentors, advisors and the incredible Casey Kute Schulz. Casey is an amazing woman and role model to so many women - including myself. She can build anything you can imagine and I am humbled that she joined me on this journey.

And lastly, what fun things can girls do with the Nailbot that will make them want to get one?
It decorates your nails with cool art, emojis and pictures in seconds! That's pretty cool. We are also releasing our Preemadonna Augmented Reality App before the end of the year that superimposes art and photos onto your fingernails - we know hardware takes some time to ship, so this is a great way to get a sneak peak into what the Nailbot can do. Girls are going to come up with amazing ideas for us to improve the Nailbot and the Preemadonna experience - we can't wait to hear what they say and continue to build this company with them!


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