7 Problems Only People With a Serious Sweet Tooth Understand

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I have a confession to make: I have a raging sweet tooth. While some people prefer digging into a bag of potato chips or indulging in a plate of nachos (two things that I totally won't turn down, by the way) my food of choice will almost always be on the dessert end of the spectrum. If you're a candy, cookie, and cake junkie, you know that the struggle is so, so real - especially when there's not an M&Ms bag in sight.

If this sounds like you, trust that you are not alone. Here are the problems that every sweet fiend has that salty people just don't understand.

1. You still hit the candy store before leaving the mall.

Sure, you went to get adult things like a nice work blazer and a sensible pair of heels, but you came back with a bag full of assorted gummies.

2. Your favorite part of going to the movies or sporting events is the snacks.

Sure, you were stoked to see Mockingjay, but you were also really hyped for that box of Snow Caps.

3. You always want to order dessert.

Seriously, what's wrong with your friends?! Don't they know that you have a separate stomach for dessert?

4. You've been guilty of swapping sweets out for actual meals.

Sure, you know that veggies are important, but sometimes you just want to eat a Snickers bar for breakfast. There's protein somewhere in there, right?

5. You always have an emergency stash of Ben & Jerry's.

It's for a "rainy day," or, you know, a Tuesday.

6. You know that homemade goods are bae.

But you'll settle for store bought in an emergency.

7. You don't understand people who don't like sweets. At all.

It flabbergasts you, but hey, at least you know who to score extra Halloween candy from.
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