Which Eye Shadow Colors Go Best With Your Eye Color?

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Doing your eye makeup is probably one of the most fun parts of cosmetic application. From liners to shimmery or matte shadows, there are endless possibilities of looks to make your eyes pop. But when it comes down to it, you want to make sure you're choosing shades that will enhance the look of your eyes rather than take away from them. Which colors complement your eyes best? With a little basic knowledge of the color wheel you can find shades perfect for your peepers, creating looks that kill just about every time.

The first step to perfecting your shadow is to take a gander at the color wheel and what colors are situated opposite of your eye color. Are your eyes bright blue or blue-gray? You're going to want to choose colors in the warm family. Have brown irises with flecks of gold? Cool tones like blues and greens are the shades for you.

Shall we break it down in more detail?

For Those Baby Blues
Blue EyesLike we said, if your eyes are any shade of blue, warm tones are your best bet. Directly opposite of blues on the color wheel are reds and oranges so look for hints of these colors when searching for palettes. Brick-red shadows or terra-cotta colors with a hint of orange will bring out the depths of your eyes and illuminate all of the different colors inside them. Even regular shimmery browns will serve as a nice addition to red-orange tinted palettes to give them more depth. Taupe colors or dark grays can be added to the look if you're trying for something nude or smokey. And if you're a purple/pink kinda girl, those will look good with your baby blues also.

The only things you should be staying away from? Blue. Blue shadow on your eyes will act as mismatched distraction from the true color of your eyes, washing them out and making them more lackluster. Blue eyes also tend to be softer, so stay away from that stark black eyeliner we all can't seem to get our hands off of (cough, Tara Reid, cough). Try a deep brown liquid or even a slate gray for your liner needs.

Brown-Eyed Gals
Natural Beauty PortraitYes, that song your dad always sings was written about ladies like you (but also race relations, click here to educate yourself), so why not show your brown eyes off? If blue eyes are complemented by brown shades, it's only natural that the opposite is true for brown eyes. Since brown is in the warm-tones family, you're going to want to opt for colors that are cooler. Don't be afraid of a bright blue shadow shaded just around your lash line for bold eyes like you've never seen before. If you're looking for something more subdued, darker blues or even deep purples around the eyes will give you a similar effect. Even greens will go wonderfully with your brown gazers as long as you're keeping it cool.

Truth is, since your eyes are a neutral color, they'll go with just about anything. If you have gold flecks in your eyes pump up your shadow with some shimmery champagnes to bring that out. If you're feeling particularly girly, bust out the pinks and plums for romantic effortlessness. And yes, totally rock the blackest of black cat-eyes because it'll look flawless on you!

But you should absolutely stay away from browns. (Yes, there is a trend here.) Browns will make your eyes look muddy and detract from the smaller details you'll want to bring out. Plus, brown on brown is just boring, and you can certainly do better than that!

Green Eyed Girly
Close up Beauty Makeup EyesIf you're one of the lucky few who has gorgeous green eyes, then know that cooler tones, specifically purples and pinks, are your new best friends. Any plum or violet shades mixed with deep burgandies or bold fuchsias will look stunning on you. And mix it up with bronzy browns and golds to add another layer of depth to your color. Try the bronzy shade on your lid, a bold purple on your crease and a light color on your brow bone for an extra highlight.

Stay clear of blues because they may wash you out. And if your eye color is already close to blue, blue shadow may deter from your greener hues. Also keep away from harsh black eyeliner especially if your eyes are softer. Opt for chocolate brown instead.

Hazel Eyes
Germany, Hamburg, Eye with false eyelashes and eye shadow, extreme close-upHazel eyes are gorgeous with so many different shades in them, naturally giving you so many shadow options. Shimmery colors over matte tend to look better with hazel eyes especially light purple or pink shades. If you want to bring out the gold in your eyes, pop on some gold toned shadows to make those colors stand out. To show off the blue your eyes naturally have going on, try something in the purple or brown family. And to finish it off, add a dark black liner for some drama.

There's not much you need to stay away from if you have hazel eyes. Be aware of how many brown tones you're using so you don't risk a flat one-note look that does little to enhance your eyes. So many colors will bring out your eyes' natural beauty, so don't be afraid to use them!


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