He Wanted an 'American Boy' Doll, So His Determined Mom Made Him One

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Many girls know the joy that comes from opening a gift on Christmas morning and finding something like an American Girl doll beneath the crinkled wrapping and ripped tissue paper.

For those who aren't familiar with American Girl, it's a world-famous brand of dolls that depicts young girls from diverse backgrounds, typically with a worldly and community-driven theme. And one thing's for sure – little girls around the globe GO CRAZY for them!

But what about the boys? Seems a bit messed up that boys don't have the same options, huh?

It was this mentality that struck Gina DeMillo Wagner, a mother whose 6-year-old son wanted two things for his birthday: legos and an American Boy doll.

Legos? No problem. But American Boy dolls don't currently exist which posed a bit of a problem for Gina. And it's one thing if her son had asked only once or maybe twice, but as she tells Redbook, he was very persistent. So, what was a mother to do?

"At first I tried to explain to him that they just don't make American Boy dolls," Gina tells Redbook. "I thought he'd eventually lose interest and move on, but he kept asking...and asking. Then, a good friend of mine jokingly said, 'Couldn't you just give a girl doll a haircut?'"


Gina then resorted to online shopping sites like eBay and Craigslist to purchase a girl doll, but one that bore a resemblance to her son.

When the doll arrived, Gina write on her blog that it was not hard to give the doll a "makeover" – all she needed was a bit of acetone and a pair of scissors to do the trick!
And the doll doesn't just signify some toy on her son's wish list, it acts as the example that she tries to demonstrate to her kids each and every day.

"I'm always telling my kids that you can waste a lot of energy complaining about the way things are, or you can put that energy toward solving problems and making things better," Gina said.

Admit it – her son and the doll are so #TWINNING, right?


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