School Kids Give 'Grandma in the Window' Gift That Will Melt Your Heart

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Never underestimate the power that lies in a simple smile or wave.

For the kids on Bus #7 in Arlington, WA, that beautiful statement was driven home in an amazing way.

Each morning, the students and their bus driver, Carol Mitzelfeldt, would pass by a house in which an elderly woman would stand and wave from her window. And it wasn't a random occurrence...she was there every day for FIVE years, according to what Carol tells Huffington Post.

This older woman, nicknamed the "grandma in the window," was a constant source of afternoon smiles and happiness for the kids...which is why when she suddenly wasn't in the window frame one day, they were all alarmed.

Curious as to what might have happened, Carol decided to pay a visit to the house and speak with "grandma's" husband. She soon learned that their grandma, actually named Louise Edlen, had suffered a stroke days before (which explained her absence at the window).

And while Louise was, thankfully, on the road to recovery, the kids of Bus #7 wanted to do something to lift her spirits.

"The kids and I said too bad she can't have something to look at when she can't be at the window," Carol tells HuffPost. "So we decided to take a picture."

This picture [below] shows the faces of the students, waving and smiling out of the bus windows – the same view that Louise was well accustomed to seeing each day. And when Carol presented this gift to Louise, she was nothing but touched by this heartfelt act.
How sweet! Why can't EVERYONE be this kind?

The kids even took a second photo aboard the bus when Louise returned from the rehabilitation center. In this photo, the kids held brightly-colored signs that collectively spelled "Welcome Home" to celebrate "grandma's" recovery.



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