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Why We Need to Stop Telling People to "Move On"

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If you are an hopeless romantic or in love with someone who is no longer your partner, welcome to my life. I know how your heart aches and how mentally disturbed you can be, because loving someone who doesn't love you is actually really hard!

Take me, for example. I'm a single woman on my early 20s who has loved the same person for nearly five years now, but we haven't been together for four of those years. Although I've had several "relationships" during this time, none of them was strong enough to last more that a couple dates or a few months of dating. The feeling that I have toward this person is so strong that, for me, it's hard to have a steady relationship.

And like many of you, I am SO TIRED of people telling me that I need to move on.

Yes, I do miss having someone by my side, getting cute "good morning" messages and having a way of getting my feet warmer at night (other that having a hot water bottle or an extra pair of socks), but the reality is that I don't feel ready to move on to a different person and give him/her my whole because my body, heart and soul still belongs to that special one. And you know what? That is totally fine.

At least for me, because for my friends...well, my friends, they just don't get it. They don't get how or why I fell for a guy who is totally my opposite. I'm more of an extrovert while he keeps everything for himself. While I prefer to listen to pop, cover parts of my body with tattoos and wear my amazing 128 Starry-Eyed lipstick, he'd rather listen to classics, wouldn't ever get inked (at least I think so!) and prefers girls with a natural makeup look. But they say that opposites attract.

You don't have to move on just because people say that you should or to be seen with someone. You should and must move on, yes, but when you feel ready to do it, when the feeling that you have for someone has faded or when you feel falling for someone else. Until then, just try to feel comfortable with your life and smile at every possible chance.

One day, you will end up thinking just like Sweeney Todd:
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