The New iPad Pro Is Out...And It Costs Way More Than We Expected

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Apple loyalists, the next new arrival for you to fangirl over is here: The iPad Pro hit the market yesterday. If you didn't know, iPad sales have been declining over the past 12 months, and Apple is hoping to reverse that trend with this new version.

So what's different about it? First, the display is 12.9-inches, a huge increase from the 9.7-inch iPads of the past. Theoretically, this will set the tablet apart from the larger smartphones like the iPhone 6S that are now on the market.

Additionally, you can trick out your new iPad with the Apple Pencil ($99) and Smart Keyboard ($169), increasing the amount of unique tasks you can get done on an iPad - like drawing on the screen (can't do that on your Mac!) or typing up a long email when you don't have a computer handy (literally the WORST thing to do on your phone). With the new size and a keyboard setup, the iPad Pro mimics a laptop when you have it propped up on a desk or table.

Another one of the exciting new updates is split-screen multitasking, finally making it possible to use multiple apps at the same time. Apple claims that the A9X chip inside is faster than 80 percent of PCs that shipped this year, reports Refinery29.

Sure, these updates all sound awesome, but the other thing that's changing is the starting price: The iPad Pro will set you back at least $800. Add in the price of keyboard and stylus, and you might as well just invest in a new laptop. But ultimately, that's your call!



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