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My Community Stood Up for our Soldiers on Veterans Day

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The students gathered around the Memorial Bridge and listened to student organizer Dakodyta AuFrance announce the guest speaker, veteran Lane Patterson. Lane said how proud he was (of us) to assemble like this to honor our veterans, how we took a stand. He told us how Logan High was the only school in Cache Valley that was not having a Veterans Day assembly and how touched he was that we decided to hold our own despite our administrators' decision.

"What you're doing right now is what my brothers and sisters in arms fought and died for," the veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq wars said. "I'm not an emotional guy, but you guys got me pretty close."

Then Madison Kondel gave a speech:

"We'd like to thank each and everyone of you for coming to support this PEACEFUL assembly. Contrary to the rumors, this is not a protest, nor a way to gain negative rebellious attention. Accommodation to it being Veterans Day, we didn't think it was enough to be shown a clip and write a basic letter. We all have our different ways in wanting to honor and and respect the people who have fought for our freedom, and this is ours. In more importance, Veterans Day is about honoring our veterans. That's why we are all out here so we can show our respect for past, present and future ones, and share with them how truly thankful and grateful we are."

After her touching speech, Crimson Colony sang the national anthem. It was the first time I was really proud of my school - not because we won a game or how we took state or region - but because we stood up for our veterans and honored them in our own way.
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