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Winter Beauty Tips Guaranteed to Make You Sparkle Like Elsa in a Blizzard

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As we are just about halfway through November (gasp) and this cray 70-degree "fall" weather is behind us, it's time to bundle up in those sweaters and scarves and prepare ourselves for the cold months ahead. Along with pulling our sweaters out of hiding and changing up our wardrobe for the brisk weather, it's time to change up our beauty routines, too. Dry skin or little frizzies? Ain't nobody got time for that.
To keep that blowout shiny and bouncy and your skin glowing and luminous, here are some helpful products/tips.

Although we may not suffer with frizzy hair from the humid weather as badly in the winter, hair trauma is still inevitable regardless of the season. Lately, whether it's in a video by one of my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube or seen randomly on Instagram when scrolling through the popular page (my last resort when I can find nothing new, HA), fave4 hair products have been everywhere!

I'm a sucker for trying new beauty merch, like I could actually spend my life savings on any form of face or hair products (I'm seeking help for this), so when I saw fave4 being used by at least three different people, I had to see what all this hype was all about. Being one with naturally thick, wavy/curly-ish hair, it takes a small village to style my mane (major reason for why I'm lazy and wear my hair natural most of the time). As the right tools are everything and make all the difference (aside from using a good blowdryer and brush), hair products are key for making a blowout last through a sweaty kickboxing sesh or a rainy day. Fave4's Smooth for Sure blowout cream is just what I was looking for.
Color safe and free of any parabens or sulfates, fave4 claims this cream keeps hair smooth for days while reducing damage caused from heat tool styling ($16, fave4).
playful mischievous naked woman ...The next tip is one of my favorites, and it's a game changer. Whenever I wash my hair (and it's not often), I never ever EVER use a towel to wrap up my hair. Not only does terrycloth material cause frizz, it also causes breakage to the hair. When I see people rubbing their hair hard with a towel, it makes me seriously cringe. Instead of a towel, take a simple cotton t-shirt to wrap your wet hair in post shower. The cotton is much more gentle on the hair, and there is less friction than a towel so it helps reduce any frizz that may pop up. Like I said, game changer.

Let's move onto the face. Whether you're wearing light, everyday makeup to class or a full face including a smokey eye for a night out, it's so imperative to wash your face at night and remove all that gunk and makeup. I trust that you all do that already! However, washing the face twice a day can do some drying damage to our pretty faces if we're using the wrong cleanser.

Boscia has to be one of my favorite skin care lines. Aside from being obsessed with its masks, its cleansers are ahhh-mazing, too! Boscia's purifying cleansing gel does such an awesome job of getting all my makeup off, as well as keeping it hydrated and not over-drying as most makeup cleansers do. I use this cleanser day and night, and my typically dry skin is smooth and soft. As stated by Sephora, this cleanser is a "sulfate-free makeup remover and cleanser derived from amino acids to deeply cleanse while preserving natural moisture ($28, Sephora)."
While we're already talking about Boscia, why not discuss its face masks? Between sweating at the gym or maybe forgetting to take off our makeup after a late night (oops), our pores may be a little extra clogged than normal. Or maybe the cool weather has your skin being dryer than usual or your skin may be acting funky and you're looking too shiny lately? Amazing news: Boscia has masks to accommodate all your facial issues. One of my favorites is the Charcoal Pore Minimizing mask ($8, Sephora). Let me just say your face feels and looks as smooth as baby's bottom. Another ahh-mazing mask is the Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask, because why not let the work be done while you get your snooze on? This overnight mask "hydrates, smooths, and protects the appearance of firm, youthful skin ($34, Sephora).
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