YAAAS! 'Yaaas' and 'Fleek' were added to the Dictionary

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Hold your horses, journalist of days past who vocally judges everyone who has a Kindle, because "nothing feels like the real thing."
The words "yaaas" and "fleek" (along with a slew of other popular Internet terms) are being added only to Dictionary.com, not the official Merriam-Webster Dictionary, per Seventeen (although let's be honest, does it matter?).

"Yaaas" has been around for a hot minute. The term is described on Dictionary.com as, "Slang. Yes! (used as a strong expression of excitement, approval, agreement, etc.)" I'm not ashamed to say I use it in my regular vernacular. I guess we all have Nicki Minaj to thank for that.

Our possible future president even put the word on her campaign swag. #OnFleek, Hillary!

"Fleek," for those of you that have been living under a rock where Netflix, the Kardashians and magical pizza emojis don't exist, means, "flawlessly styled, groomed, etc." Basically, Cara Delevingne's eyebrows.
Other terms us #fiercefemales use on a daily basis were also added to Dictionary.com this week. The only thing missing from these definitions are images to help truly depict their meaning, so we've added suggested GIFs for Dictionary.com to consider.


"Informal. a person's best friend.​"


"Informal. strong, often positive feelings.​"


"Slang. a combining form used before something that is a hybrid of disparate parts, and meaning "strange or frightening."
Check out more words added to the list on Dictionary.com.


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