Aussie Singer Conrad Sewell Learned This From Adam Levine and Ed Sheeran

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Just wow.

Conrad Sewell may have one of our favorite voices ever. The 27-year-old singer from Brisbane, Australia is finally making waves here in the states with his singles "Start Again" and "Hold Me Up." Not to mention Conrad's voice is the one you hear on Kygo's hit track "Firestone." As Conrad's gearing up to release his debut album in 2016, we got to learn about his musical past and got a scoop of the future.

"Michael Jackson was a massive influence on me," Conrad told us. "The movie Sister Act 2, Lauryn Hill, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye. Everything from the Motown era was always playing in my house." He credits his mom for this, "She was a big fan of Diana Ross. It was great songs and great soul voices that inspired me to be a singer."

Like two of his personal influences, Usher and Justin Timberlake, Conrad writes his own music too. "I did write the song," he said about his ballad "Start Again." He penned it when he first arrived in Los Angeles. "It was my first heartbreak song really. I had just broken up with my girlfriend and I had a lot of feelings. It sort of just poured out of me one night," he explained. Hey, sometimes you have to strike when the iron's hot, right?

Conrad seems to have a knack for writing songs fast. Just like his other hit, "Hold Me Up." "It came together really quickly," he said. "I was in the studio hunting around for a really feel good uptempo pop song and it sort of fell into my lap. We were having fun with it and it's just an uplifting and high energy song."
It didn't take very long for us to learn that Conrad's sister is Australian singer Grace! "We never talked about working together," he explained. "We've always been solo musicians and we've always done our own things, but we've always been very involved in each other's lives and careers." Grace only goes by her first name in the music world. "She just chose not to use our surname, for whatever particular reason."

The Australian native is starting to gain worldwide recognition, but he's no rookie to the business. He's toured with Maroon 5 and Ed Sheeran, who both taught him a thing or two. "With Adam, I learned how important it is to take care of your voice and to stay healthy. He inspired me to sort of want to be doing this 15 years from now and still looking and sounding as great as he does." We second that!
"With Ed, I learned how to stay humble and to go out there and give your everything every night because that's just what he does," Conrad shared. "Its amazing listening to him play those songs every night, he's such an incredible songwriter. It's inspiring to think that you can potentially write that song one day that's going to change everything for you."

So what's next? "2016 hopefully is going to be the year of Conrad," he laughed. His debut album is anticipated to drop early next year. "It's going to be a big soulful pop record that has some timeless songs on it. If 'Hold Me Up' and 'Start Again' fit under that umbrella, then yes you can expect more of that. But hopefully a bit more and really get to the depth that's in my songwriting."



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