We're Taking our Beauty Advice From Gigi Hadid and her Squad

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One of Victoria Secret's newest Angels (and one of our personal faves), Gigi Hadid is an absolute glowing goddess. Her beachy, dirty blonde waves and mesmerizing blue eyes have us hooked, and we want to know what she does each day to look so effortless! Well, it turns out most of her beauty routine is pretty effortless (sigh), but she did have some great tips that we are filing away for later.

Ready to take some notes?

In a video interview she did with W Magazine, the young model-turned-Angel revealed all of her beauty secrets, proudly describing her lazy ways. When asked about her complexion, Gigi said she likes to keep it simple, which she does for just about all of her beauty routine. Her signature glow doesn't take more than a tinted moisturizer and some really great genetics. Yes, we're super jel.

But that doesn't mean Gigi doesn't get the occasional zit just like the rest of us. Her secret to zapping acne before the paparazzi can see?

"I put toothpaste on my pimples to dry them out," she said with a smile on her face. And she claims it totally works. We're ready to try it, especially if it leaves our faces minty fresh!
As for face upkeep, Gigi says she absolutely hates facials because they make her feel "claustrophobic." And the vampire facial everyone keeps trying? She's not about to get on that train.

We totes get you, girl.

Gigi also isn't one to do a full face of makeup too often. She'll do light contouring and a bold, red lip when she's feeling adventurous she says, but other than that, she's a nude lipstick kind of girl.

"A lot of makeup artists got to know me as golds and a new lip, or bronzy and a nude lip. That's all I wanted ever," she said.

Now being the face of Maybelline, Gigi is trying to ditch old lazy girl ways and spice up her color palette with more bold choices. She admits though, that she often doesn't have the energy to get up and do a full face of makeup or put on that carefully planned, cute outfit.

Ugh finally, a model who totally gets it!

And what about Gigi's squad? How do they get their beauty routines on point and what tips can we steal from them?


Like Gigi, Kendall keeps it casual and sleek especially when you compare her look to her sister Kylie's. In an interview with Popsugar, Kendall said that she's all for the natural look.

"I like to keep it pretty simple. I think less is more. I'm into more neutrals. So I think that makes it easy because I know what I'm into and what I'm not," she said.

pink baby

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Both Kendall and her bestie Gigi aren't strangers to the bold lip, but Kendall also says she likes to play up her eyes every once and a while. Plush, voluminous lashes are mostly her go-to and she stays away from heavy black liner.

Also like Gigi, Kendall keeps her skincare routine minimal.

"I wash my face morning and night, and I wear sunscreen every day. Keeping hydrated and drinking a lot of water is always good for your skin," she said.

Alas, models who can get down with a simplistic beauty routine we totally can so do, too!


Taylor Swift is a beauty icon and also Gigi's bestie, so naturally we needed to know more about her routine! Unlike Gigi, Taylor keeps it bold just about any occasion. Her signature look: The classic cat-eye and red lip combo. She is never shy about being done up and will even tote around red lips at the beach.

And though Taylor is rocking the straight, short hair these days, she loves her usual waves.

Meredith is allergic to joy.

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"My hair is naturally curly, so it's a lot easier to let it be. I'm scared to death of it feeling crunchy," she told Foxerbox.

As for skincare, Tay is all about the night cream, admitting that she uses it right before she goes to bed and just as she wakes up.

Alright ladies, we're taking your words for it and keeping it minimal. And yes, we'll occasionally throw in the red lip.


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