Breakup Blues: 4 Ways to Help Your BFF Get Over a Breakup

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Ah, young love. It's so full of hope, isn't it?

However, if there's one thing that the Zerrie breakup or split between Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton has taught us this year, it's that love doesn't always work out the way that we intend it to.

In our opinion, the only thing harder than going through a breakup firsthand is watching your BFF go through something so painful...

As a certified BFF, your sole purpose is to be the one person who makes life just a little bit easier for your bestie. But that job can be SUPER difficult to do when something like a breakup occurs and there's just so much that's out of your control.

But have no fear, it's Cambio to the rescue!

If you're in the process of cheering up a BFF who's currently bummed from a recent breakup, here are a few tips as to how to get them through it in a healthy and effective manner:

1. "Lean on me"
The worst thing that you can do for someone who's struggling through a breakup is to disregard their feelings. Being a good BFF means being that shoulder that they may need to cry on and allowing them to vent their problems to you (even if it means listening for hours on end).

They say that the first step to every solution is admitting that there's a problem. Well, the same is true in this case. The only way that your friend will get through this tough situation is if she (or he) accepts what's happened and is able to release all the anger that she may have been harboring.

2. Words of affirmation
Breakups are especially rough because not only are you saying goodbye to someone that means/meant so much to you at one point in your life, but also you're forced to cling to your confidence which always takes a huge hit!

Whether you're the one who initiated the breakup or were the one who was broken up with, you're always left doubting yourself. Did I make the right decision...? Is there something wrong with me? What do I do now?

When your BFF falls into this stage, your job is to kick that self-doubt right out the window! Speak to her using words that remind her of all her amazing qualities. Allow your words to be the reason that she refuses to give up.

3. Who says you can't have a relationship with food?
I don't care what anyone says, there's nothing more comforting than some wholesome junk food. After all, they don't call it "comfort food" for nothing, right?

Sure, they may have been dieting...or maybe they were trying to eat well to avoid having to explain yet another cavity to their family dentist. But, hell, we're young and rather than focusing on tomorrow's dietary consequences, focus your energy on helping them enjoy today.
So you know what that, ice cream, corn dogs! Turn their room into the greasiest, sweetest, and saltiest buffet that this planet has ever seen and watch the breakup stress fade away with every calorie they consume.

(Trust me, it works!)

4. The Great Outdoors
No, this does not mean go on a hike or a camping trip in the middle of the woods. I simply mean that, as their BFF, your job is to snap them back to reality...

You can't allow them to stay in that post-breakup know the one I'm talking about – that "I-don't-want-to-open-the-curtains-the-sun-is-not-my-friend-I-refuse-to-socialize-with-another-human-being-leave-me-here-to-cry-in-peace" attitude that we all sometimes fall into. The BFF is responsible for taking them out and refreshing their memory of everything that they used to do and love before they were in a relationship.

Go ice-skating! Go shopping! Go to a concert! Just go somewhere that will take their mind off of their ex and open their eyes to all the things that they have to look forward to in their new single life.
Overall, the perfect BFF is there for them. Every person is different and handles hardships differently; understanding that and presenting yourself as someone who is genuinely present and caring will always be the most effective remedy to any heartbreak that your BFF experiences!

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