The One 'Friends' Episode Where They Totally Replaced Jennifer Aniston

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While people have been hardcore binge watching Friends on Netflix for a while, it turns out there's something that went down in an episode that no one has noticed...until now.

Jennifer Aniston was totally replaced by another person, who is seen in a shot for just a brief moment. How did this go unnoticed until now, honestly?

Here's the deal (via Recently Heard): in Season 9, Episode 15, titled "The One With the Mugging," Jennifer's character, Rachel, is seen in Monica's apartment right behind Joey, but in the next bit, where Joey sits down at the table with Monica, another woman is seen behind him.

And that woman is so totally not Rachel. Yeah, we wouldn't have believed it either, but if you take a look, she's hardly in the shot but visible. And definitely not Jennifer.

As these things go, she's a stand-in who is filling Jennifer's spot...but why has it taken this long for anyone to catch it?
friends mistake rachel jennifer aniston replaced gif
A number of fans have pointed to the fact that Friends was not designed for widescreen. Likely when the episode aired on TV in the 4:3 ratio, a stand-in would not have been seen in that format size.

This was seen before in episode 5 from season 8, where a Monica stand-in makes an onscreen appearance:
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