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22 Struggles (and One Slight Advantage) of Being a Short Girl

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Where are my petite ladies at?!? Last week, my fellow Campus Ambassador Fabiana posted a fab article on the struggles faced by tall ladies, so I thought, how about I talk about the opposite end of the spectrum? I may joke about being "vertically challenged," but the truth is that my height presents struggles on a daily basis. I'm pretty sure I've been the same height (5-foot-1-inch to be exact) since middle school and considering that I'm 20 years old, I've accepted the fact that this is the height I'm stuck with. If you happen to be a petite girl reading this article, I feel your pain! Here are just a small number of short girl problems:

Being called "cute" and not taken seriously by others.
Trying to catch up with all your tall friends.
Not being able to reach the top shelf in the grocery store (grocery climbing should be an Olympic sport, tbh).
When people point out your shortness, as if you aren't aware.
Trying to hug someone taller than you and realizing that it's one of the most awkward experiences ever.
When the car's sun visor doesn't offer any protection because you're too short.
Realizing that elementary school kids are significantly taller than you. (Seriously, what do these kids eat??)
Always having to search through piles of jeans in order to find the one pair labeled "short" because buying the regular pair would result in this kind of situation:
Trying to reach the cupboards in your kitchen.
Your head becomes a human armrest.
Not being able to wear maxi dresses, because you're probably going to trip and embarrass yourself in public.
Always needing to double check the height requirement at amusement park rides.
Needing to spend extra money just to get your clothes tailored.
Having to strain your neck to look up whenever someone is talking to you.
General admission concerts become a fangirl's worst nightmare.
Having to adjust the driver's seat so your tiny legs can reach the pedals.
Always being in the front of group photos (okay, maybe this one isn't always a bad thing).
Realizing that some dogs are actually taller than you.
When you're sitting down and your feet don't even touch the floor.
When people constantly pat your head (yeah, that's not demeaning AT ALL).
When you put on high heels and STILL can't achieve an average height.
Being mistaken for a child, simply because of your shortness.
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