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You Want the Truth? I Live in Syria, and This Is What It's Like

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Syria. What can I say? I've lived there for 15 years. My first 10 years were just like any normal 10-year-old's. Everything was going good. No war, no hate, no sectarianism - just love. We had water, which is something essential in life, 24/7, and we didn't worry about electricity going off or the cold in the winter. Prices of food and pretty much everything were normal.
syriaBut these past five years? We've managed to survive, but I hope it ends soon because the situation is really scary and terrifying. Soldiers are fighting; half of them are dying. Kids are dying, too. People are going missing; people are hating on each other because of their religion. People are leaving their cities, hoping for a better life, and some of them are drowning in the ocean. I'm sure you heard about the kid they found dead in Turkey. Well, he's not the only child who suffered. There are thousands of children dying everyday because of this what they call "war."
All I wish for is for this to end, this nightmare that lasted for five years and God knows how long it will last. For people reading this, I hope you pray for us and for Syria, for God to have mercy on us because what's happening is not okay. I hope we get our lives back, and safety surrounds us again because life in Syria before 2011 was paradise and now it's hell. Don't believe everything you see on the news because only people who are living in Syria know what's real.
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