13 Things Only Fashion Girls Understand

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For those of us who totally eat, sleep and breathe fashion, the struggle is real AF when it comes to trying to explain to our friends why we need yet another leather jacket or why fashion month is definitely the best two times of the year. Sound familiar? We're guessing you can totally relate to these things that only die-hard fashionistas will get. 

1. That feeling when you FINALLY saved up enough cash for those shoes you wanted to order from Zara, only to find out that they're now out of stock in your size

2. Wearing sunglasses, even when it's cloudy or raining because they just really complete your outfit, OKAY?

3. Nothing gets in between you and your favorite designer's sample sale - you WILL snag that bag you've been lusting over for months

4. You still haven't recovered from the emotional turmoil of finding out that Raf is leaving Dior

5. When bae asks if you can be dressed and ready to go in 15 minutes...

7. ...except you almost always try on 57 different outfits before going out, only to pick your go-to all-black look you ALWAYS wear.

8. You can instantly spot a fake designer bag - and you can't help but judge

9. Resisting the urge to correct someone when they pronounce Balmain as bal-MANE 

10. You have a "dream bag" list, all of which cost somewhere around a month's rent

11. The struggle of trying to act like you're paying attention in class while you're sneakily trying to live stream the Alexander Wang show during fashion week

12. When you get the daily inevitable "What are you so dressed up for?" question...

13. ...but when someone compliments an outfit you're super proud of, you're just like:


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