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15 Things I Miss About Childhood

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As a kid, I can distinctly remember playing dress up in my mom's closet and watching her put on her lipstick. I thought to myself, I can't wait until I'm old enough to do that! Now I am of age to wear as much makeup as I'd like, but I can't help but wish I was that little girl again. I now understand why Peter Pan never ever wanted to grow up.
I miss the days when my greatest care in the world was getting my favorite swing at recess before someone stole it from me. Once you're an adult, there really isn't any time for swings when you have an endless list of obligations. Trust me, Wendy should have never left Neverland. I think if we all had the opportunity, we would stay young forever. However, there is an alternative to growing up. Walt Disney once said, "Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional."
As the years go by, nostalgia usually pays us a visit to reawaken the memories of our childhood. Here's a definitive list of the top 15 perks and memories from being a child:

1. Firsts
You experienced so many "first times" in your life when you were a child. From your first crush to your first heartbreak, you learn so much from all your first experiences. You never forget your first heartbreak, like the time your crush didn't give you a Valentine's Day card making you realize for the first time that you can't count on a man. Also, that Valentine's Day is the worst holiday ever created.

2. Endless Naps
When you were young, you were able to sleep EVERYWHERE - at school, in the car, a carriage, a shopping cart - the list goes on. Also, it was socially acceptable to sleep EVERYWHERE. If you're a 20-year-old sleeping in class, chances are your professor won't be too impressed with you.

3. A Vast Imagination
The world seems happier, brighter, and simply euphoric. Everything is an adventure. From going on playdates to food shopping with your mom you found the joy in any mundane activity.

4. Your Brain Was the Equivalent to a Sponge
When you were little, your brain was able to soak up information easily. I'm still mad that my parents didn't teach me how to speak Italian.

5. There Are Very Little Decisions to Be Made
Your only care in the world was whether or not you should trade your favorite Pokémon card for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at lunchtime. Ten years later, your decisions begin to range from choosing what school you should attend to deciding what you want to do with the rest of your life.

6.Chasing the Ice Cream Man
The best memory from all of our childhoods was running after the catchy tune blasting out of the ice cream truck's speaker on a hot summer day. Who needs shoes when a screwball is on the line?

7. Eating Whatever You WANT Because Your Metabolism Will Work it Right Off
There wasn't any need to count calories when you were 5.

8. The Magic of Pouting
Kids know how to use their magical pout to wrap adults around their little fingers. Remember when flashing those puppy dog eyes would get you out of trouble or make your parents buy you that toy you really wanted? Unfortunately once you grow up, pouting just doesn't have the same effect on people.

9. Making the Best Out of Nothing
A kid's favorite activity is running through the sprinklers on a warm summer day. To us adults, there is nothing exciting about running through a spray of water.

10. Recess
The best 20 minutes of the school day. Anyone up for some hopscotch?

11. People Just Gave You Things Because You Were Just so Friggin' Cute
Remember when the lady at the bank would give you 10 free lollipops because of your cuteness? Once you get older, you don't get anything for free, not even those crappy lollipops.

12. It Was Acceptable to Watch Animated Movies
I'm not sure why it is not socially acceptable for adults to go see a new Disney movie in the theaters. Whether people judge me or not, I will be at the movies when Toy Story 4 comes out, sitting amongst the vast majority of kids. I'm sorry, but you're never too old for a good Disney film. That's just a simple fact.

13. Playing Dress UpPlaying Dress-upIt was considered cute to dress up as your favorite princess or superhero while in public. On the other hand, for a 20-year-old, it isn't really cute anymore. In fact, it will probably raise some concern from those around you.

14. Zero Responsibilities
All your obligations as child were handled by your parents. You went to school and then came home, did your homework and sat in your pajamas watching SpongeBob for the rest of the day. Your mom made you dinner and did your laundry. Yep, those were the good ol' days.

15. You Saw the Good in People and the World
Due to a child's lack of life experiences, they are naïve. However, in many cases, "ignorance is bliss." When you were young, you didn't realize that not everyone will care about you. There are truly bad people in this world, people who will hurt and disappoint you for no reason. As you grow, you begin to realize that some people are disingenuous, and most of the time, reality is far from the fairy tale you read about in books. Unfortunately, this is the most significant and bittersweet aspect of growing up because you begin to realize that in life, you really can only count on yourself.

Although, we all wish we owned a DeLorean and could time travel back in time to the "simple days," life is a wonderful journey. The past is a nice place to reflect back on, but it's no place to live. Treasure the moments that are currently in front of you because within the blink of an eye, they become a memory. Time may give you wrinkles and gray hair, but growing old has its benefits. We all have to physically grow up, but that doesn't mean that our age has to define us. The decision resides within whether or not our mentality grows old along with our appearance. You never have to lose the childlike qualities within yourself, but you can cherish them throughout your entire life. Remember that the world is filled with infinite possibilities, and life will surprise you at any given moment. Another quote from Walt Disney (he really understands this whole growing up thing) is the following, "Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, dreams are forever."
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