Lamar Odom Is Unable to Recognize Some of His Friends and Family Members (Report)

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There have been a lot of conflicting reports about Lamar Odom's health since he was hospitalized after being found unconscious at a Nevada brothel a month ago. Given the shape he was in when he was admitted, it's understandable that things are changing a lot and his recovery isn't necessarily going to be linear.

As Khloe Kardashian said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (airing November 16), Lamar has good days where he knows his birthday and who the President is and he has bad days where he doesn't even know how old he is.

According to a sad new report from TMZ, it sounds like he's recently been having more bad days than good as he is unable to recognize some of his close friends and family. The site reports that Lamar is in "rough shape" and hasn't made much progress in the last few weeks and is only able to 'speak a word here and there.'
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Doctors don't yet know the extent of brain damage that Lamar suffered during the medical emergency and it seems that only time will tell how much function he is able to regain. On a positive note, when he was first hospitalized, four of his organs were failing and he is now off of all machines that are keeping him alive, so he has made progress on that front. In terms of communication and cognitive function, he obviously still has a long road ahead.

We continue to wish Lamar all the best during his recovery.
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