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Little Things We Forget to Be Thankful For

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Ask yourself: How many times have I actually given thanks on Thanksgiving? We may tell ourselves we are thankful for our family, friends and health. But it's a thought that disappears among the delicious food, and before you know it, you've spent the entire night celebrating with a turkey leg and slice of apple pie. In the midst of the holiday season, gift receiving and full stomachs, we tend to forget the simple things.

Sunrise and Sunset
The true Mother Nature is the sun. The sun provides warmth, protection and life to all the wonderful things that make up our planet. Maybe we don't thank the sun because its actions are natural, and we just expect it to do its job? Wake up, it's sunny, go to sleep, it's dark - it's routine! Just remember, the sunset is the ending of that long day you had at work, and the sunrise is the beginning of another day you're going to conquer.

You Have a Choice of What Clothes to Wear
You've probably screamed, "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!" and thrown everything in your closet onto the floor. Clearly you've got plenty of options, but they're just not what you want that given morning. Look at that pile of clothes and pick blindly. "Pink shirt with blue sweatpants? Gross!" See, the beauty in this situation is that if you wanted to wear mismatched clothing, you could, freely and happily. You can use your clothing as an accessory to the person you are inside, not everyone has that choice.

Clean Bed Sheets
You've got a clean bed. Personally, my clean bed reminds me of my mother. This is because she does my laundry when I am in class or having a busy week. She can tell that I won't have time for it, so she takes the extra step to remind me that she cares. There are times I wish she wouldn't make my bed because who wants her parents in her room? I sure don't. But, at the end of the day, it was an act of kindness. If you do your own laundry, clean bed sheets add to the comfort you deserve at the end of the day.

Group Chats
Oh no, not a group chat! A battery draining group chat! Listen up: A group chat is a bunch of people who care about YOU and want to talk to YOU and want to know what YOU have to say. Appreciate your double and triple texts because they're your company when you can't be with those people in person.

Good Conversation
This may contradict the previous point, but since we rely on texting so much, it's become a hassle for some people to listen just as much as they can virtually talk. Be thankful for the person you can have a good face-to-face conversation with; it's a lost art.

Five Senses
The ability to hear music and the words "I love you." The ability to see nature. The ability to touch, hold hands and feel the sensation. The ability to smell the holiday meal you're about to feast on. The ability to taste your favorite dessert.

Opening your bottle of Poland Spring probably doesn't make you think of all the nations who don't have access to clean water, let alone water at all. Around 70 percent of your body is water, and it's what you drink to stay alive. Oh, and ramen noodles are made using water. H2O is pure magic. Swimming pool, shower, summer water parks, none of that would happen without it.

& Salt Water

Salt water is home to thousands of organisms, not to mention it's a valuable part of the beach we love so much in the summer.

Tears, Smiles and Laughter
For helping you express emotion and showing that you're human

Your Enemies
The people who have put you through a tough time are the people who built you. They helped you become a better person. They helped you realize your strength. They helped you realize how you deserve to be treated and that toxic people aren't worth your time.

The summer for giving us a vacation from school. The fall for giving us the colorful crunching leaves that create beautiful landscapes. The winter for all the holidays and the cultural traditions that bring people together. The spring for blooming the flowers that signify a fresh start and a time to focus on yourself. The seasons are proof that things are going to change, that change is okay and each season has something to offer.

Science, History, English and Math
These are the dreadful subjects we all hated in high school. Those three subjects are the reason we have life and the reason we function. Science and math help create. History shows us how we got to this very moment. English is the reason you have the ability to communicate in all the forms we have today.

You have to appreciate yourself before you can appreciate anything to the fullest. It's okay to be a little cocky and tell yourself, Damn, I'm awesome, next time you look in the mirror.
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