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My Most Embarrassing Period Story Is a Doozy

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Do I have an embarrassing period story? Just one? Um, let's just say I have multiple. I'm not going to share them all because then this blog post would actually turn into a book.

My first embarrassing period story happened when I first got my period, in the sixth grade. I went to a Catholic school. We had to wear these navy blue dresses, which in this case, was good because you couldn't really tell that I had bled through my underwear and even through my dress. From what I remember, I stood up to switch classes, looked at my chair and nearly had a heart attack. I used the sleeve of my navy blue sweater (the darkness coming in handy again) to quickly wipe the seat until it was gone. From there, I had my teacher step outside of class and told her what happened; she sent me to the nurse.

I'm not sure why, but we would always need another student to walk with us to the nurse's office. I guess to make sure I was actually going there, but what did they think like I was going to do? Skip school? I was in sixth grade! I was already scared with blood coming out of me; I wouldn't make myself even more scared trying to escape school without someone watching. Needless to say, the nurse told me that I got my period. When she called my mom, my mom thankfully said she'd just come pick me up because I was not trying to go back to class, knowing that it was all over my uniform.
My mom went and bought me pads, and I put one on, telling her it felt like a diaper. She just laughed. We didn't live with my dad because of certain circumstances, yet my mom called him to tell him I got my period. I hate talking on the phone; my dad hates talking on the phone. Before she handed the phone to me, I made faces at her, like, is she joking? This is not the time. All I remember is my dad saying something like, "Oh you're a woman now." I don't even remember what I said, probably something along the lines of "Yep." I handed the phone back to my mom and went to my room where I texted my friends that I just spoke to my dad about my period, which is normal for a lot of girls because they may live with just their dad, but I was like, this cannot be real life.
woman hygiene protection  close ...I'll make this next one short and to the point. My best friend and I were sleeping at our friend's house, just us three. We had never been to her house before, but we had met her parents plenty of times, so it wasn't like they were strangers. She showed us her bedroom, which was huge, and I was totally envious because it was like a room you would dream about when you're in fifth/sixth grade. She had just gotten a new bed and bed set, which was so pretty with flowers, yet it was white.

You already know what happened. I sat on the bed because we were thinking of stuff to do, and don't you know, I got up and all over her brand new bed set was blood - my blood. I was so embarrassed and ran to the bathroom where there wasn't much I could do. My friend got her mom, and she reassured me she could get the stain out, but I was mortified. I called my mom to bring me new pants and underwear and obviously pads, but when she got there, I just decided to leave because I was so embarrassed. Ugh, even thinking about it now makes me cringe.

Girls, I want to say "don't be embarrassed" if that happens, but it is embarrassing. I get it. Just don't be embarrassed when you're in school or out somewhere and use the four words, "Can you check me?" That's not embarrassing; that's friends looking out for other friends, girls looking out for other girls. We make sure we have each other's backs.

Also, keep these three things in mind:
  • Heating pads are your best friend
  • If you feel like your period is irregular, talk to your parent or whomever you're comfortable with
  • Gynecologists are NOT scary; they're here to help. I went at the age of 15. If you feel as if you need to go, I'm telling you, the exam is not even two minutes long. With that done, you won't have to worry about it for another year and hopefully your gyno will solve your irregularity problems!
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