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Pray for Paris After the Terrorist Attacks

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First things first, my thoughts and prayers are with every single person/family who has lost a loved one during these terrorist attacks. I am deeply sorry ,and I, along with the whole world, am sending love and peace your way.

There is absolutely no reason or justification behind these attacks; they happened just to take the lives of innocent people. A thought went through my mind while this was happening: Our lives are in constant danger whether it is with random terror attacks or regular criminal activity that happens where we live. Some people try to not let it affect them, but in reality, these attacks can happen at any time, in any place. This post is in no way trying to scare anyone, but to open your eyes.

The terror attacks that happened in Paris will be remembered forever. Some people naturally have barriers up and make sure they are aware of their surroundings at all times. Most people who do this have anxious tendencies in my opinion, which is completely normal, being that I am one of those people.

Citizens of France and the surrounding countries for the next few days, weeks and months (or forever) will keep a barrier up and be try to be more aware of their surroundings. There is an issue with that though; these people who are terrorists look like normal people usually. That thought alone is frightening, because the world is a huge place. We do not know everyone; there is no way we would be able to even know everyone if we tried.

Going back to the statement of having people be more aware of their surroundings is a good idea, but that is no way to live. We should live freely. Unfortunately the thought of living freely is jus that, only a thought. In my opinion, we live in fear rather than trying to live our lives to the fullest. We should not be scared to walk down the street or go a restaurant with friends and family. Our generation seems to have a reputation to be the generation that is filled with terror. It could be through bombings, terror attacks and school shootings, just to name a few. These issues happen and are sometimes swept under a rug because they don't happen near us and don't affect us. We need to think of the innocent people who have done absolutely nothing to deserve what happened to them. These innocent people could be children who have not fully lived their lives yet; these innocent people could be us.

It's sad that it takes a terror attack that happened across the world to have you really sit and think about how grateful you are for everything in your life. Your family, friends, job, your health. Anything. While the news was coming in about these horrific events, people I know were tweeting and making Facebook status updates about going to hug your family and telling you that you love them. I hate to admit that I am one of these people. I do take my life for granted; I hate to admit that these headlines are what made me realize how grateful I am. I shouldn't need an attack on a country to make me realize this. For that, I need to change; we all need to change.

Anything can happen at anytime, so why wait until these headlines come about to finally go give your parents/loved ones a hug and tell them you love them? "I love you" can be uplifting in the toughest of times. So why wait? With that being said, anytime your family or a loved one crosses your mind, tell them you love them. Say it in person, with a phone call, with a text; it still means the same thing. Try living your life to the best of your ability without the thought of potential danger. Anxiety triggers those thoughts, and it's not easy to ignore sometimes because again, I am one of those people who is influenced by my anxiety-inducing thoughts.

Let's continue to send our prayers and condolences to Paris, as well as Japan who experienced an earthquake the same time these attacks occurred. Let's just pray for the world. We all need it.
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