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Justin Bieber Dethrones One Direction, Adele at No. 1 on iTunes

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Over the last couple of years, pop star Justin Bieber has hit a very rough patch. Justin has been accused of a D.U.I. putting him in jail for a couple of hours, spitting on his fans, walking off stage, smoking and just so much more. He has taken a break for almost two years now, just so he can relax and catch up on what he is really supposed to do. He has done little shows here and there but mainly just tried to take a break and relax.

But Justin has also been secretly in the studio during his break, so was he really taking a break? He wouldn't tell his fans anything, and everything with him was super low-key, so no one ever found out about it. Later in the year, Justin appeared on Ryan Seacrest's radio show to surprise fans with a really big surprise. On July 29, 2015, while live on the air, Justin announced that he was releasing a new song "What Do You Mean?", which caused a crazy reaction from all beliebers.

After waiting almost two years, who wouldn't be excited to finally hear his voice again? But that wasn't all Justin announced. He also announced that he was releasing his album Purpose on Nov. 13, 2015. I can tell you all right now that every single belieber was freaking out. Just log onto Twitter, and you could have just seen all the craze.

At midnight, the album finally dropped. Let me just say, his voice has matured so much, and the message behind every song is just amazing. My personal favorites are: "Purpose," "Children," "Sorry" and "Love Yourself." I believe that each of these songs all have a meaning behind it that touches a place in my heart, and I bet every belieber can agree with me on that. When the album finally got released, you got crazy reactions from all the beliebers. Just look at these tweets:With all the tweets going on, you also realize that One Direction released their album called Made In The A.M.. Of course Directioners and Beliebers were trying to get the No. 1 spot on iTunes for their idols, but only one could take that spot. That one person was Justin Bieber. He reached No. 1 so fast and is still currently No. 1 right now. If I were you, I would seriously go and buy or even stream Justin's new album right now and just listen to how much he has matured and listen to the meaning behind all of his lyrics.
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