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Why Parisians Are Society's Role Models

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Since the attacks in Paris on Friday, Nov. 13, 2015, the world's eyes are watching the City of Lights. It's hard to understand what made people, one a born and raised French citizen, to cause this massive destruction over people's faith and lives, leaving their hearts broken and empty. I have no words to describe what I am feeling at the moment and for these past two days. I can say that my eyes got puffy and totally red of crying in despair after I heard of the attacks, not just because I knew that two friends of mine would be at Stade de France, the national stadium, watching the game, but because another friend of mine lives two streets away from Le Bataclan, so until I get messages that they are okay and safe, it is really difficult for me to function.

Although I have only been to Paris once, I have some notion of what is really like to be in that city. The environment, the love and the energy that you feel as soon as you step out of a plane at Charles De Gaulle or Orly is the kind of feeling that makes you feel alive. Every sound, place and monument wants to be heard, seen and visited.

The fact that I have Parisian friends and by having Parisian roots myself, I do believe that Paris and the entire French nation will rise up after these attacks. The fear that is now felt by all us around the globe will not be a reason to us to be defeated, and Parisians and New Yorkers know it better than anyone. New York rose from the ashes after 9/11. Paris will rise, too. Just like every other town, city and country that ever has to face a proof of strength like these cities had to face, like the world has to face.
We can not blame a religion for these acts of violence toward the society. We can blame a group of activists who think that are acting on behalf of their God. We can't look at every person in the streets and think that he/she is the cause of what is happening now in the world. All we can do is face the fear and act as every Parisian will: going out, having a coffee with friends and celebrate life, our life and the lives of every single soul that has been taken from Earth in this most recent and tragic events.

In the words of John Lennon: "Imagine all the people, living life in peace." I want to end this article by saying that my thoughts, heart, sorrow, love and prayers are with all the victims and families of the attacks and natural disasters in Paris, Lebanon, Beirut, Mexico and Japan, along with Minas Gerais in Brazil, after the collapse of two water dams, in the city of Mariana.
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