5 Reasons Why It's Awesome for Your Boyfriend to Have Girl Friends

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Dating someone new is exciting: not only do you get to explore a connection with someone you're really vibing with, but you also get to open up and expand your world a little bit through them. One thing that gives some girls pause? When they discover that they're not the only major lady in their new boyfriends life - at least, when it comes to friendship. If your new boyfriend has a ton of friends of the female variety, or even just one or two super tight buds, don't take it as a reason to be skeptical - there are so many great things about these friendships that you may not have ever realized.

As someone who has been the girl BFF, it's time that we all start embracing your new BF's "friends who are girls" for the unique place they have in your life. Here's why dating a guy who boasts females as friends is actually a really awesome thing:

1. It's evidence that he respects all women, not just his GF.

Lots of guys dote on their girlfriends, but don't have the same respect for women outside of their relationship. A guy who has lots of friends who are girls likely sees women as just another part of his friendship crew, which means he's interested in women as people, not potential hookups or dates.

2. He's been schooled on womens issues.

Not all women have the same opinion on societal issues, but a guy who has deeper friendships with women is more likely to understand why things like street harassment are a problem, if only because his girl pals shut down his "But it's a compliment!" argument a long time ago.

3. They can give him (actually decent) advice about you.

So you two got into a fight and he declared that it was because you were "PMSing." If he comes to his ladies for advice, they may remind him why that argument is never, ever okay - and how to apologize appropriately for it.

4. They're your first line of defense for gifts.

Even if your boyfriends friends aren't fashionistas, they'll likely be able to inform your guy if the gigantic wooden necklace that he picked out for you isn't your style. They're also the people you can go to if you want an opinion on a good birthday gift for him, since they already have the inside scoop.

5. You may find yourself with new friends of your very own.

Your boyfriend has already vetted these girls, and you're pretty into your new guy, which means that there's a good chance that you and his friends will hit it off as well. They're also your in to embarrassing stories about your BF, so keep them close.
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