Khloe Kardashian Says James Harden Has Been Amazing Through the Lamar Odom Crisis

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Khloe Kardashian is extremely grateful for all of the love and support that fans have expressed for Lamar Odom, but she's especially grateful that her boyfriend James Harden has been so incredibly understanding about everything. Granted, that would be tough on anybody and James seems to be handling it better than anybody could have ever expected.

During an appearance on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show, Khloe expressed her gratitude for James, saying he's been her rock through all of this.

"James has been great. He's been very supportive with everything," she explained. "There's of course times where I'm sure he was really uncomfortable about some of the things, but I'm a very honest person and I have nothing to hide and I was very open with how I feel like I had to handle everything with Lamar."

"I really, really appreciate how supportive James has been, and it wasn't just another layer of stress on me," she explained. "He's been great and I've been open and honest, but I think at first, there was definitely like a transition period for all of us."

When asked if Lamar will be able to restore himself to a normal life, Khloe said she doesn't see why not.

"What the doctors tell me is, 'We don't have a crystal ball'—they love reiterating that to me," she explained. "I'm very optimistic and I want to believe he can. There are no promises, but if he's willing to do the work—I know the speech therapy, or the occupational therapy, or just all the cognitive stuff I'm sure it's really hard for him and frustrating - but if he's willing to do it, I don't see why not." Still, she said it will take at least a year.

We continue to wish Lamar all the best in his recovery.

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