Are Ombre Lips Doable? We Put It to the Test

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The ombre craze is growing, and by now, you've probably seen the latest trend: ombre lips. It's all over Instagram and Pinterest, giving lips a two-toned look that adds a highlight to the middle very similar to contouring. But does it work and better yet, can you actually wear it?

I put it to the test and found two very important points to tackling this trend like a #GirlBoss: You need to have decently plump lips and two very different colors.

After watching the tutorial, I moisturized my lips and added a touch of foundation powder to my pout to bleed out the natural color. I quickly realized this was a huge mistake. The foundation immediately stuck to my lip balm and when I went to put the color on, the foundation transferred over to the pencil and made it lighter. What I discovered: This step really isn't necessary unless you have super dark lips to begin with.

Putting on the Lipstick

In the video, vlogger Alexandra used a very deep purple-berry pencil to line her lips, blending in toward the middle and finishing it off a bright red. I wasn't too crazy about this look because the colors weren't in the same family and looked a bit off. I decided to use a similar deep berry on the outside with a light brown-pink nude. I wanted two colors that complemented each other while adding a middle highlight.

This was also a mistake. Like I said, my deep berry Nars pencil ($26, Sephora) immediately took off some of my foundation and didn't come out the deep purple it usually does. And when I added the nude and rubbed my lips together like she did, it all mushed together to look like a blob of color. I didn't even take a picture because it was that ugly.


Trying it Again

This time, I decided to go with an even lighter nude and a bright red, both colors from Jane cosmetics Two-Toned lipstick collection ($8, Jane), to create even more of a contrast. I didn't have a pencil in this shade of deep red, so I used a silicone liner brush to pick up the lipstick and line my lips. I realized I was automatically overdrawing my lips, which made me realize something important.

My lips weren't plump enough for this.
ombre lips
(Me being Kim K status annoyed when I realized my lips were too thin for this.)

In order to make this look truly work, you need to have a big enough canvas to work with. If your lips are a bit thinner like mine, it's harder to make the two colors blend but separate distinctly without completely bleeding into each other. You can kind of see the pale nude, but once I rubbed the two colors together it picked up the red and lost its own hue.

That's when I learned the second important point: The colors really need to be very different for this to work, and your first color should be super dark. If you do have thinner lips and you're going to try this, start off with a really deep purple like in the video and line your lips with only a slight blend into the middle of your lips. Then add your second completely different color and blot your lips only a few times.
ombre lips
(As obnoxious as this face is, I had to do it).

Yes this look is doable, but whether it can actually stay without the two colors mixing for a color blob combo is another story. If you've tried this look and love it, sound off in the comments below and give us some more pointers!


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