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The Unexpected Reason You Should Talk to Strangers

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I know that your parents probably advised you not to talk to strangers, but trust me, there are some occasions when you should totally do it. Where does this come from?

Well, last week, when I was heading home from a hectic day at college, one random girl from school stops me in my tracks and says, "Your eyebrows are perfect." It might sound like the weirdest thing ever, especially coming from a total unknown, but the truth is, those four little words made my day.

In fact, I had hardly taken care of my brows that week. I have to admit that I even felt a little bit insecure about having missed my eyebrow-threading appointment.
It might have been the fact that some random girl decided to compliment me or that I felt that all my hard work to look a little bit like Cara Delevingne (as if!) was finally paying off. I'm not entirely sure what it was; all I know is that it felt great.
We should all be that girl. Give at least one compliment to somebody every day. It doesn't really matter if you know the person, but the idea of saying it to any random person (not to creepy people, be safe) takes it to a whole new level. You never know if that person is going through a rough time. Trust me; you can brighten up somebody's day and not even know it.

I dare you to talk to strangers.
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