Hold the Phone: Now Tap Water Is Bad for Our Skin?!

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Is there anything left that's still OK to put on our skin?!

Refinery29 reported that tap water is the most recent household item to be put on beauty blast - and for good reason, according to New York City dermatologist, Julia Russak, MD.

"Have you ever noticed stains around the faucet in your bathroom?" Dr. Julia told Refinery29. "What gets deposited on the walls is the same residue that gets deposited on your skin."
GiphyTap water, also called "hard" water, has a high mineral concentration of iron, copper, zinc and nickel that can irritate the skin. If these minerals oxidize, they can actually start to break down collagen. Tap water can also contain super-drying chlorine, which can strip the skin's top layer of oils and proteins - a process that can cause premature aging. Yikes.

Scary, right? But how do you wash your face without water?

The answer is micellar water, a new beauty product that is like a cross between a cleanser and a toner that cleans your skin without all the nasty stuff in hard water. They are made with micelle molecules, little fatty bubbles that absorb oils (and the dirt stuck in them) on your face, according to PopSugar.

It sounds expensive, but you can actually grab a bottle of Simple Cleansing Micellar Water for $7 at Ulta. You just swipe it on with a cotton ball and you're done! So if you're already spending that much on face wash, your wallet won't even notice the switch. Just remember: If you do start using micellar water, you will need to exfoliate regularly - Dr. Julia suggests a chemical peel or a dermaplaning facial.

If you love your in-shower ritual, all hope isn't lost. In fact, Dr. Julia stands by the fact that good old H2O is the best way to clean your face. Use a moisturizer with EDTA: The acid will bind to metal ions and pull the harsh minerals out of your skin.

Alright ladies, now that we've schooled you, it's time to get your clean on!


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