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Every time I check the weather, it's to see if it's too hot out to wear tights with my new skater dress from Forever 21 (which is a totally legit reason to check the weather, BTW.) This new site gives you way more than the temperature outside: It gives you climate facts about your area, as well as in other parts around the world.

The site is called WXShift (a mobile app will be available next year), and it's actually pretty bada**. I visited the site, and it recognized my current location, Indianapolis, Ind., and showed me the current temperature, while also telling me that "Indianapolis is getting hotter:"

I clicked to learn more, and immediately WXshift showed me a graph of the rising temperature in Indianapolis over the last several decades.

Intrigued, I scrolled and noticed a plethora of other climate information available:

From there, I saw more trending weather news, including a feature of "10 Climate Indicators of a Warming Climate." If you're like me, then you love to be informed on news outside of what your fav celebs are up to, but it's tough to find a source that makes information we should know about – like our global climate – interesting and digestible. From my first-time use of WXshift, it does just that. It's also worth noting that the UI is boss - making the site all the more easy and desirable to use.

Bookmark the website and make it part of your morning #PSL routine (only two more weeks until our fav seasonal coffee drink switches to holiday-themed!) What's the trending climate in your city? Tweet me @lizprugh.


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