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Why 'Made in the A.M.' Ruined my Life

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Last Friday, Nov. 13, One Direction released its fifth studio album. The album titled Made in the A.M. is simply flawless. Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne have done it again.

It has been less then a year since their last studio album, Four, came out. Personally, I am still not over that album. Four had such amazing songs and represented a happy time when Zayn Malik was still in the band. Now, Made in the A.M. represents a post-Zayn world, proving that One Direction can overcome all challenges placed in front of them.

In the weeks before this masterpiece came out, I knew it would mentally, emotionally and spiritually mess me up. Just seeing the title "Olivia" reminded me of my previous, overall favorite song "Diana." And I was right; the song changed my life. Yes, I might be over exaggerating a little bit, but still you get the point.

It took me three days to put my words together for this article; I was still in a state of shock from the beauty present in the songs. The words and rhythms are all stunning. I will admit to crying the first time I heard the album. I still cry every time I hear "If I Could Fly" during the lines sung by Liam and Harry: "Pay attention, I hope that you listen cause I let my guard down. Right now, I'm completely defenseless. For your eyes only, I show you my heart."

This time, the ballads One Direction included are so emotional; the harmonies present are alluring. However, they still have upbeat songs like "Temporary Fix" and "A.M." Honestly, the mix of genres One Direction added in the album slays. This album is so good it kills me, but I love (figuratively) dying and being dead.

I honestly love all the songs so much I cannot decide which song is my favorite. According to iTunes, my most listened to song ever is "Drag Me Down," so I guess that is my favorite song of all time. I practically listened to it a thousand times; please do not judge me.

I cannot sleep, I cannot eat, I cannot focus in class - all I can do is listen to this album. I have a problem. The boys have, yet again, successfully made it impossible for me (and my fellow directioners) to talk about anything else except their album. Well done.
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