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8 Reasons Why One Direction's 'Perfect' Is About Taylor Swift

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"Perfect" by One Direction is the all-time subtweet song. Why didn't you just @Taylor, Harry? It describes two young lovers having a relationship with spontaneous adventures and harmless trouble. This sounds a lot like Harry Styles and Taylor Swift's relationship from back in 2012. This song is music to the ears' of us Haylor fans. Harry is quite a clever and witty songwriter; below, I've listed all of the reasons why "Perfect" is definitely about Taylor.

1. Harry Co-wrote the Song
Britain iTunes FestivalHarry contributed to the writing of "Perfect," so the lyrics in this song must reflect his experiences with an ex-lover...*cough cough* T. Swift

2. The Music Video Takes Place in New York City

Harry and Taylor were first confirmed as a couple when they were spotted together arm-in-arm on a date in Central Park back in December of 2012. This is the setting of their relationship, and also just so happens to be the setting of the "Perfect" music video. Hmmm interesting.

3. The Rhythm of the Chorus Complements Taylor Swift's "Style"
Taylor's "Style" is so clearly about Harry, it even includes his last name in the song title. Harry answers Taylor's hit by having the rhythm of "Perfect" coincide with "Style." How subtle and ingenious?! Well, not that subtle for us members of #TeamHaylor, but A for effort, Harry!

4. The Lyrics of the Chorus Are Similar to Lyrics in Taylor Swift's "Style"

"If you like midnight driving with the windows down" sounds a lot like "Midnight, you come and pick me up, no headlights." These two definitely experienced some moments driving together at midnight, and they both mention that in the lyrics of their hit songs.

5. "I Might Never Be the One who Brings You Flowers..." If you're a true Directioner and have binge-watched all of their interviews, you know that this is a direct reference to their appearance on Ellen from back in 2014. Ellen asked Harry, "Here's the latest rumor, that you gave Taylor Swift 1,989 roses because of her 1989 album doing well. Do you know anything about that rumor?" Harry responded, "I don't. No, I know about the rumor; I don't know anything about the roses." There you have it, Harry said it himself; he never was the one to bring Taylor flowers.

6. "Cause I'm not Good at Making Promises..."

We know Harry isn't too good at making promises. The fall out of the celebs' relationship was because Harry was out and about with some other girl....yikes! This boy might be trouble, but we have to give him credit for acknowledging his faults.

7. "But if You Like Causing Trouble Up in Hotel Rooms, and if You Like Having Secret Little Rendezvous..."
2013 MTV Video Music Awards - AudienceIf you're as knowledgeable of Haylor as I am, you have seen the video footage from 2012 of Harry and Taylor leaving a hotel (coincidence, I think not!). Also, their relationship was private for months before they went public, so they must have had "secret little rendezvous" without us knowing!

8."If You Like Cameras Flashing Every Time We Go Out, and if You're Looking for Someone to Write Your Break-up Songs About..."
Haylor memeObvi Harry sings these two lines, once again, making the Haylor fans go crazy. These lines are pretty apparent. Their relationship created a lot of publicity, and Taylor being Taylor, of course had to write about her past relationship with Harry. And who can blame her?! Calling it quits with Harry must have been a traumatic experience! And this is a two-way street: Harry got his share of hinting at Taylor, too, in his songwriting!
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