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Do You Know What all of These Slang Words Mean?

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Us teens of 2015 have our own language and it's one-of-a-kind. Most of the lingo we incorporate in our daily conversation has originated from social media or the Internet. I've recognized a similar pattern that happens: When I first hear a new slang word, I think it's idiotic and people sound stupid when saying it. Then, as I hear it more and more from my peers, I eventually find myself using the term. I then reach a point when I can't stop saying the word, it just keeps coming out of my mouth, as if out of my control. Lastly, I apply the word to everything, to a point where the word loses its original meaning and doesn't even make sense. Then I learn a new slang word, and the cycle begins again.

"I'm gonna have a second dinner, yolo."

"I'm buying these $200 shoes, yolo."

"My grandma is coming over tonight, yolo."

That's my example of the inevitable overuse of slang words, but "yolo" is so 2012. The point I'm trying to make is that our lingo is contagious and spreads rapidly amongst teens throughout the nation. Below, I've listed the common vocabulary words of teenagers.

1. Turnt
too turntA physical, emotional and mental state of being absolutely psyched or pumped up

2. Lit
it's not litA fun and wild time with good people

3. Slay
When you look so good, you're just killing the game of life. Your hair, makeup and entire outfit are just so on point.

4. Squad Goals
What everyone and their friends strive to be as a unit; Taylor Swift and her friend group comprised of Selena Gomez, Zendaya and various other models and actresses who look gorgeous and basically rule the world in the "Bad Blood" music video.

5. Netflix and Chill
when he says netflix and chill and he doesn't even have a television When someone, typically of the opposite sex, invites you over to DO everything but watch Netflix and chill

6. Bae
when you see someone talking with your basAcronym for "before anyone else," used to describe your significant other or someone who you think is your significant other, but they have no idea that you exist (ex. Harry Styles is bae)

7. Fam
fam fam everywhereShort for "family" but isn't referring to your actual family, it refers to your friend group

8. Finstagram
Stands for "fake Instagram," typically made as a second Instagram account by girls where they post funny pictures or videos. They can be as weird as they want because they only accept their besties' follow requests.

9. #blessed
#blessedHas no affiliation to religion but rather is used every time something happens that you're somewhat grateful for (Ex: My mom made me gluten-free cake, I'm #blessed)

10. Savage
if you could stop being a savage that would be greatSomeone who shows no mercy and doesn't hold back. She speaks what is on her mind despite the fact that she might be offending others or not have a popular opinion, but people tend to have mad respect for her confidence.

11. Retweet
Used on Twitter when someone tweets something you think is clever, funny or relatable, so you re-post to your timeline; also used in speech to refer to when someone says something that you agree with completely

12. Subtweet
was that a subtweet? oh my..Used on Twitter, when someone disses another person but doesn't tag them in the post or "@ them"

13. Slide Into Your DMs
sliding into your DMs When someone direct messages you either on Twitter or Instagram; it's frowned upon and usually deemed as creepy on Instagram

14. Low-key
when you and the homie are roasting low-key Keeping it on the "down-low"; not making a big deal of yourself

15. Straight Fire
check out my mixtape it's straight fireAmazing, epic, too good to put in to words, usually has musical connotation (Ex. One Direction's new album, Made in the A.M., is straight fire)

16. Bruh
bruh Alternative way of saying "bro"

17. What Are Those?!
what are those Originated from a Vine where a kid dressed up as a pastor who, in the middle of his speech, gets interrupted by someone wearing a pair of old strapped shoes and the camera goes to the shoes, and he exclaims, "What are those?!"; can refer to anything that is old or out-dated because who even has those anymore?

18. Candid
needs a new pro pic stages candid photo When girls make people take photos of them that look unintentional but are completely intentional

19. Zero to 100 Real Quick
0 to 100 real quick Originated from Drake's song "0 to 100," when a drastic change for the better happens
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