This Beauty Brand Is on a Mission to Empower Women Through Makeup

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You may remember Jane Cosmetics from the glorious days of '90s makeup. All of those sparkly shadows we could find at drugstores and tote around in our Caboodles gave us our first venture into the beauty world. But when Wall Street powerhouse and founder of Patriarch Partners LLC Lynn Tilton decided to take over Jane Cosmetics in 2009, she gave the brand a royal makeover, helping Jane's products grow up with its audience while still keeping that youthful vibe we loved so much. With this much-needed welcome into the modern era, Lynn revamped Jane's old message for its new set of makeup junkies: Bringing women together to share their beauty secrets and spread compassion among their fellow ladies. The result is today's Jane, which is not only helping all of those buying the products feel the confidence and beauty they deserve, but is reaching out to women in need of support with full-scale, glamorous makeovers.

I've always known makeup has some special powers, but Lynn's #BUILTBYGIRLS attitude is taking it to a whole new level. When I met with Jane's Co-directors of Creative Artistry and Education Charlie Riddle and David Birdwell, I fell back in love with Jane's revamped products and the message behind them.
Jane Cosmetics"We're creating a movement by sending out the message that girls should be supporting other girls," David told Cambio. "It's not about whose prettier than who; it's about embracing our beauty in our own unique way. We want to show that it's an inclusive brand. We're all about, 'You can sit with us'," Charlie added.

Sorry Mean Girls, but Jane's changing the message.

Through its I Am Jane Initiative, Jane Cosmetics is reaching out to younger women and bringing them together to share beauty tips and build a sense of community. The peeps over at Jane are strong believers that when us ladies put the cattiness and jealousy aside and stand together in beauty and confidence, we can pretty much take over the world.

Preach, Jane!

But beyond the inclusiveness of its products – all palettes are designed to match every skin tone and its natural appeal with a little bit of shimmer makes for great day-to-night looks – Jane is reaching out to women in the community to give them a little confidence boost as well. "We have a buy-one get-one program, so for every product sold, an equal product is donated to a local women's shelter," David explained.

Jane partners with women's shelters in a wide range of communities across the United States, giving out products to help spread the beauty love. Jane even did a national tour last year where its makeup artists traveled across the country to women's shelters, giving them full beauty makeovers to help brighten their days.
Jane Cosmetics"It's amazing. These women who are broken down feeling as low as possible get a day where they're pampered and can feel beautiful," David said. "And when you feel beautiful you feel like you can take on the world."

Jane also worked with Wish Upon a Teen to give girls with life-limiting medical conditions and severe learning disabilities the ultimate prom experience. Glamming them out head to toe, Jane did their hair and makeup and donated some gorgeous dresses just for the occasion. (Where were they during our prom?!)

And all of this came out of CEO Lynn's desire to help women feel great about themselves in spite of a world constantly telling us we're not pretty enough.

"[Lynn] came from her Wall Street background, known as a man's world, and she became super successful. She wanted to create a brand that was very reflective of her own heart," David said. "We're not doing beauty products for the sake of beauty products. We're trying to create to send the message that girls standing shoulder to shoulder can take over the world."

But beyond helping you to contribute in a big way, Jane's products are simply gorgeous. I was fortunate enough to be able to sit down and get the royal treatment by David himself (a true artist with a fluffy brush, I must say), and I was instantly hooked!

Jane's current collection features soft, shimmery palettes that come in natural bronzes, romantic pinks and stunning silvers and grays. Jane also features a gloss that will change colors based on the pH of your lips (great to throw in your bag for a pop of color) and a brow pencil that's shape perfectly shades for #browsonfleek.
Jane CosmeticsBut my favorite product of all? The array of pressed powder compacts they have in almost every color for just about any skin tone! Their blush and bronzers come with several different shades of powder inside one compact to blend around for the look you desire. Want to keep it subtle? Opt for the peachy pinks on your cheeks and bronzer more close to your skin tone. Ready to hit the town? Pop your cheeks with a bolder pink and experiment with some tanner shades under your cheeks for a light contour.

The best of the best was Jane's powdered corrector. It is truly an outrageous product, and I have yet to see anything like it before now. Complete with oranges, greens, purples and pinks, mix these powders to set your concealer and hide blemishes and dark spots completely.

All of this and more can be found at Jane's site along with Kohl's department store. And I'm expecting some even better products from Jane come 2016, so get excited!

So much love, I can barely contain myself!

After my lovely time with David, he showed me how to become the Brow Master with Jane's pencil, and transformed my eyes with a dreamy pink/bronze palette. Not going to lie, I totally did feel like I exuded confidence when I left Jane. I looked hot; I wanted the world to know it and the rest of my day was phenomenal because of how I felt about myself.
Jane Cosmetics"You know, makeup doesn't change the world, but it can change the way you feel about yourself," Charlie said. "If you're having a bad day adding that little bit of confidence can make you feel a little brighter. It can change your view of yourself, and what you portray out to the world."

Makeup totes has magical powers, and any brand that will use that for the sake of #girlpower is one we will get behind.


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