Be Nice and You Could Get a Free Snack

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What if every time you did something nice for someone, you were rewarded IRL?

Snack company Kind has actually been doing that somewhat secretly since 2013. If a Kind staffer witnesses someone doing something nice, they can give them a little black card. That card can be redeemed for one free Kind bar, which is kinda awesome - and fittingly, the name of the card is #kindawesome.

As of Friday, Kind opened the program up to the general public, making it so that anyone in the world can now give a #kindawesome card, reports Fast Company. If, say, someone holds the door for you when your arms are full, you can go to and send an e-card by email, Twitter or Facebook. Just make sure you get their contact info, preferably with minimal awkwardness. / GIPHYThat person will then get a Kind bar in the mail as well as a digital #kindawesome card to pay the good vibes forward. Kewl.

"The cards remind us that small exchanges of kindness are happening every day and every minute, and really give people a chance to step outside their comfort zone and notice that," Kind founder and CEO Daniel Lubetzky told Fast Company. "The more we recognize these exchanges, the more we will perpetuate them."

If you're skeptical that the Kind campaign is just marketing, Daniel agrees that you're not wrong, but he insists that the program isn't insincere because of it.

We've got no complaints about a company that gives out free snacks for a good reason. Who doesn't love free snacks?!


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