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Let's Talk About 'Made in the A.M.'

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As we all know, Made In The A.M. is the last album that One Direction will do together before they take a two-year hiatus and leave the world heartbroken.
Emma Roberts from Scream Queens is crying saying "Not Fair" BUT, if there is one thing that is fair, it's them leaving us with this masterpiece as their last hurrah. Its beauty lessens the blow of them taking a break (kind of) and makes us love them even more than we thought was possible. From start to finish, the album takes us on an emotional journey with its fast-paced, jam-out songs to ballads and everything in between, and IT'S FANTASTIC.
Jason feeling emotionalWe all love the singles "Drag Me Down," "Perfect" and "Infinity" that they released before the album dropped but having listened to the whole thing once or twice (or five or six times...maybe 10), there is so much more goodness it has to offer.

Let's start with the first song "Hey Angel." Just the title alone makes us melt, but it is not the slow ballad you would expect it to be. Instead, it is a total rock-out song with poetic lyrics, and the combination of the two elements is #electrifying. Also, do we remember the time Harry teased us and tweeted a few lyrics from this jam before it was released? No? Allow us to remind you:
Such a tease, Harry.
Harry Styles is winkingNext, we're moving on down to the sixth song on the album, "If I Could Fly." When the song begins, you can't help but to be reminded of the Beetle's song "Let It Be" with the sounds of the piano starting it off and setting the tone. It's a slower song but that will not stop us from blasting it in the car.

Staying on the subject of slower songs, the album also has the songs "Love You Goodbye" and "I Want To Write You A Song." "Love You Goodbye," on the surface, sounds like it is going to be a sappy goodbye to an ex lover but, PLOT TWIST, it's actually about getting it on one last time before y'all split up. It's a sexy spin on ending a relationship and we're loving every minute of it.

Last but not least, we have the song "Olivia." With lyrics like "Oh I love you, I love you. I love, I love, I love Olivia," we can't help but wonder who the lucky girl is. However, in a recent interview, Harry switched up our thinking by saying that "Olivia" could mean anything from a girl to a favorite place, food or anything else you may love. STOP TAUNTING US, YOU BEAUTIFUL HUMAN!
Harry Styles is dancing on stage

Whatever your favorite song may be and whatever you think the meaning is behind it, we can all agree this album is one of the best they have made. We love you, guys!
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