New Lego Slippers Will Save Your Feet From the Excruciating Pain of Stepping on a Lego

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It is difficult to describe the experience of stepping on a Lego, but if you've ever done it, you know exactly what we mean - especially if it happens in the dark. There is a lot of pain accompanied by a whole bunch of expletives and you're suddenly experiencing a fit of rage towards a piece of colorful plastic.

In essence, that fun little children's toy feels like a big block of barbed wire being shoved into the arch of your foot and whether you're barefoot or have socks on, it hits you in all the wrong places and there really is no escaping the searing pain it causes. Well, there wasn't - until now!
plastic toy blocks on white...
Lego has heard our cries and they've come up with a solution, Lego slippers. Yes, seriously. According to CNET, the company let Brand Station, a French advertising agency, design protective Lego slippers as part of a holiday promotion.

The company unveiled the slippers last week and they quickly started trending because we've pretty much all suffered through the unfortunate experience of stepping on a Lego.

Brand Station imagine pour LEGO des chaussons aux semelles ultra rembourrées pour parer aux petites briques égarées.

Posted by Brand Station on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The slippers feature extra padding on the soles, so if (or when!) you do step on a Lego, your slipper will absorb the impact and at the very most, you'll probably just feel something under your foot, which is infinitely better than the alternative!


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