Yes, There's an Ebay for Breakups So You Can Sell Those Awful Gifts

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"The hardest part of breaking up is getting back your stuff."

Those are the wise words of 2GETHER, a boy band created for a made-for-TV parody movie by MTV in 2000.

But what about getting rid of the stuff you don't want?

That's a whole different problem, one that the #BUILTBYGIRLS website Never Liked It Anyway seems to have figured out.

Never Liked It Anyway is an online marketplace that's not unlike Ebay - except this is a place for you to unload both your bad breakup story AND all the crap you've been gifted during your ill-fated relationship. goods for sale include wedding gowns, designer purses, engagement rings and other jewelry at pretty decent prices. Currently, there's even a mink shawl.

According to Buzzfeed, the most expensive item on the site was a diamond ring that sold for $18,500. :::Runs to closet to start rummaging through old crap from ex-baes:::

Never Liked It Anyway was founded by CEO Bella Acton, after she was stuck with two plane tickets after a breakup for a trip she didn't want take, reports The Huffington Post.

"We started Never Liked It Anyway to make moving on easier. It's a place to shed the stories and the stuff," Bella told Quartz.

And if you don't want any of the previously owned stuff, the website also sells a $30 Bounce Back Box full of nail polish, makeup, vibrators and other treats for the newly single with a value of more than $100. Getting over bae is a lot easier with fun swag, no?

The Atlantic states that Bella is also working on a book and a TV show. Sounds like her s**tty breakup has made up and then some for the wasted plane tickets!


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