The #MillionStudentMarch: Who Should Pay for our College?

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The #MillionStudentMarch took place last week at 110 colleges across the United States. The Million Student March group states that education is a right, and its three goals are:
  • Demanding free college tuition
  • The elimination of college debt
  • $15 minimum wage hike for campus jobs

The only problem? They don't have a proposed solution to the demands. Keely Mullen is a student organizer for the group and appeared on Fox News for an interview with Neil Cavuto last Thursday, and she struggled to provide a clear solution as to who should pay for all of the group's demands, resorting to the 1 percent of America.

Neil kept probing Keely with mathematical facts and evidence to support why the 1 percent should pay for our country's college education (and eliminate the existing debt), but it became a back-and-forth debate, with no real clear answer to the million (er, multi-multi-million) dollar question: Who should pay for our college?

Check out the interview below:

Yes, it was awkward; and yes, Neil made Keely look uninformed. It even made us pity her a little; however, this is what we should take away from this: The issue itself - the rising cost of tuition - needs to be addressed.

Keely quotes in the interview:

We have to look at the injustice of the system as it looks now.

That is something I think we all can agree with - the average 2015 graduate has at least $35,000 in loan debt, totaling $1.2 trillion.
I definitely don't have the answer, but it is something to look into. How can we provide an affordable, less-expensive (and maybe one day free) college education in America? I challenge you all to look at the logistics of the entire issue and see if you can identity an area in the collegiate system that can change to help reduce the costs of a college education.
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